The 26th season of the Premier League is still pretty competitive. However, it’s not hard to realize which is the strongest team in the tournament so far.

While Antonio Conte’s team is failing to realize its true potential, Manchester City is taking everyone by the storm. They have won 18 of their 21 league games already which is a huge accomplishment on its own. However, now they are looking for another 12 victories in the second half of the season, which is quite possible if we look at their performance that’s been consistent and impressive.

On one hand, experts are coming with various strategies for teams like Real Madrid for them to turn the tables and on the other hand, they are unsure whether they can even offer a small advice for a team like Manchester City which is already enthralling the fans as well as the soccer veterans.

For many, the Premier League this season is already a foregone conclusion, and the title going to the blue half of Manchester is already reflected in the odds being offered by leading bookmakers. So, I don’t think I will be too quick to pull out my phone and take a bet against City with my paddy power android app, but I am sure that some of you would take that bet still.

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How well is Man City doing in the season?

Just how good Man City is really? Well, one way to look at it is to compare it with one of the strongest teams ever, which is the Arsenal’s Invincibles, the team that couldn’t be defeated in the 2003-04 season.

In many ways, it has a lot of things in common with Man City. For instance, they both have a great pace up front and are able to attack super hard on the rival team, which delivers great results (also evident in this season so far). However, Arsene Wenger says that they shouldn’t be compared.

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In some ways, City is actually coming off a lot better than the Invincibles. For instance, Arsenal had flair and balance, but City has some of the strongest attackers which makes watching their games super fun and entertaining.

Let’s consider some facts now.

Man United are the closest challengers to Man City in the league now, and they are 15 points behind. Now, if this gap continues to be as it is, then over the next 12 matches, City could easily either win or draw on April 7, i.e. on the final day. However, even if things go bad for City, they would still be impossible to defeat.

Man United must win every single game till the end of the season to snatch the title from the hands of City, which means they would end the season with 97 points. If this were true, then City would be runners-up and finish on 96 points. In other words, they would earn only 38 points from their remaining 18 matches, which makes it roughly 2.1 points per game.

So, crunch the numbers and get this- even if City lost five times till the end of the season, they would still win the season!

In a nutshell- the EPL title is City’s already. Period.

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