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It’s Time To Apply Some Rational Thinking Here


Our open letter to Kangana generated a massive response, going viral and trending on social media for hours. While it got a lot of support, there also seems to be an outcry against anything that is being spoken in a questioning tone about Kangana.

I came across this opinion piece on Firstpost and other portals, which is addressed to the Indian media and asks them to STOP reporting things that pertains to the ‘PERSONAL LIFE’ of the actress.

I can feel the anger of Kangana lovers but that anger has now started to lose any semblance of logic or reason. It’s more like an IRRATIONAL response that borders on “Its now cool to support Kangana. How couldn’t you?”

I disagree with such a line of idol worshiping. The primary task of any journalistic endeavour is to seek the TRUTH. And the truth is based on facts, not opinions and word play.

I know the fact that she has won three national awards but should I only keep repeating those facts in the face of a highly personal conflict that she has chosen to start in the media HERSELF? Without even proving it?

It’s shocking that a media outlet that has reported extensively on a very “personal”  matter regarding Kangana and Hrithik is NOW warning “Indian media” against getting into personal facts concerning Kangana Ranaut.  It may be just coincidental that the actress has been caught on the wrong foot on those facts concerning her age and wage. Hypocritical much?

Yes, let’s cut the chase.

Kangana Ranaut was the FIRST one to refer to someone as her silly ex. It’s her RESPONSIBILITY to prove her statement and no one else’s. If she has chosen to say this in public then the onus is on her to supply information and facts that support her claim. Till then no one is buying her various implications and the kind of public image she is trying to build, which is based on supposed falsehood.

If any celebrity is caught lying, about any fact concerning him/her, it DOES make news.

You mocked the people who questioned Kangana and made me think that it was childish to do so. You planted a doubt in my mind that our Queen is so sacrosanct that it is literally a blasphemy to question her integrity.


Why are you being so fanatical? What are the reasons that you think that Kangana – or anyone else for that matter – should be impervious to criticism?

There are thousands of doubts and stories that are being raised by Kangana lovers.

Just one response to them – since she has chosen to bring this entire episode to the people, let her come out with supporting facts and proofs too. Till now facts aren’t supporting her in the Hrithik Kangana case and that’s a very conservative way of putting things.

And if I am questioning Kangana, asking her to reveal the facts, then what is all the hype about? We are rational human beings aren’t we?


Dear Media : you are not asking questions related to the case, you are telling us it is wrong even to ask questions!

Indian media is not liable to UNQUESTIONINGLY support Kangana just because it seems like the COOL thing to do.

I have the right to ask questions and I will use that right. That is what is actually cool.

Here is where it all started:

An Open Letter To Kangana Ranaut: India’s Icon Of Misplaced Feminism


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