Memes are something we have all grown to love over everything else. They are so relatable and funny that we almost forget our work while scrolling down a page of “dank memes.” And then we constantly tag our friends on memes we could relate to on Facebook.

In short, memes have become a significant part of our daily lives.


But what I am going to tell you next is going to blow your mind over and question our country’s obsolete education system.

There are now courses on memes studies that are being introduced in popular foreign universities where you can go to pursue a degree in memes!!!


Wow…a degree in memes. I swear I felt slightly weird while saying this but I guess in today’s fast-paced internet age when everything is going through such a dynamic change; progressive steps like these are the need of the hour. Who knows (and I’m sure it’s very much possible) ten years down the lane political campaigns in India would be carried out by our politicians using dank memes to throw dirt on each other!

That would indeed be really fun to watch.

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Elaborating A Little On Meme Studies:

University of Cambridge has recently made an official statement that it will run a short course on the evolution of memes. The name of the course would be “Understanding and Analysis of the Meme Revolution.”

Yes!!! As sophisticated as it sounds, this course will focus on the rise of memes among the millennial in recent years coupled with a general study of some famous memes following which the course will allow the students to choose a genre of memes to specialize in like “doggo memes” or “political memes.” As Professor D. Oge of Cambridge University says – “this study on memeology is long overdue and it is time we accept have become a definitive part of the modern society.”

Well this is not it.

UC Berkeley, known for its innovative methods of teaching, has also announced that a new department dedicated to “meme studies” will be starting in the fall of 2018. According to the faculty, memes are indeed the future of media communications and hence call for a serious outlook towards the same.

And given that these two are one of the most prestigious universities in the world, an official study of memes is now a reality and soon just like students show off their economics or political science degrees, there would be a time when students would be flaunting their “meme” degrees!


Why India Needs A Similar Approach Towards Memes?

India is a country of 2 billion people out of which 356 million are in the age group of 10-24 years. And hence, India has the world’s largest youth population (Source: Hindu).

And as for memes, they are spreading like wildfire on every social media platform these days. They have become a popular means of communication and entertainment especially among the millennial. So it is obviously important for India to recognize memes as a formal means of communication if it wants to empower its youth who are literally the future of this country.

Memes have shown us a unique approach towards events that are happening around us by having the ability to represent sensitive and tacit issues in hilariously relatable ways which is why memes are able to connect with today’s youth so quickly.


I bet there would be a time in future when every company would be using memes to advertise their brands and products since consumers then would largely be the millennial!

If India wants its youth to be the drivers of change of tomorrow and give a whole new dimension to the politics and economics of the country, it is high time we embrace this new form of communication with a broad mind as foreign universities are currently doing.

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Images Source: Google Images

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