Remember TVF’s Arunabh Kumar? Of course you do, it was a pretty big scandal.

For the uninitiated, a former TVF employee brought up charges of sexual assault against Kumar which eventually led him to resign.

However, to this day nobody knows if the charges were actually true.

TVF had of course, released a formal press declaration denying all charges but hey, the damage was done.

misuse of women's laws in India
Arunabh Kumar was faced with charges of sexual harrasment by his female employee

India is a developing country, one which is constantly expanding its GDP. Recently, our country has become the epicentre of many international investments. The corporate scenario has shot up faster than Chandrayaan over the past 10 years. By the end of 2016, the entire IT sector was projected to have close to 4.6 million direct employees and 14.5 million indirect employees. A significant percentage of this huge number includes young, bright women. And that, my dear, is where the problem starts.

The corporate female colleague and her drama

The fact that the biggest misuse of women’s laws in India are made by corporate women is an open secret. We all know about it, but we pretend as if it’s not happening. Before you decide to thrash me for my unapologetic words, know this: not all women and I know that.

But yes, a significant number of women. Let me present a very commonplace scenario: as long as the woman is flirting with a teammate, everything is all in good joke even if the man happens to be taken. But, the moment a man makes advances (and I am not talking about sexual ones here), poof goes gender equality and wham goes a whining complaint to the HR/ team leader.

misuse of women's laws in India
How do you resist your over enthusiastic female colleague?

Mr. Majumder, working at an MNC in Pune feels, “It is very easy to hook up in corporate. Many women are eager and if you are one to believe in old school stuff, you are termed backdated. And the worst part is that you’re expected to put up through all of that because well, you are a man.”

I wonder where our concept of consent goes while dealing with a man. Modern day skewed feminism will have you believe that consent does not matter with a man, which is just sad.

And God forbid, if you do get into a relationship with your female colleague and that doesn’t work out. All of that loving morning sex might just turn into rape and according to Article 376, in India, a man has to prove himself not guilty of raping rather than the woman proving that she has been raped.

Incidentally, according to a survey conducted in 2013-’14, more than half of rape charges in India are false. Even if feminists ignore the male abuse part, this increasing misuse of women’s laws in India significantly impede justice to actual victims in an already patriarchal society.

The female boss and her (sexual?) prowess

Women have always been known to be successful multitaskers. Unfortunately, some women take multi tasking to a different level. They balance home, office and an extra marital affair at office. If you remember Priyanka Chopra from Aitraaz, you might get the drift. Extra marital affairs are common in any workplace but what makes it unacceptable is when you are forced into it.

misuse of women's laws in India
Remember Priyanka Chopra and her sexual prowess in ‘Aitraaz’?

My acquaintances working at various corporate offices across India have often told me of sexual advances made to them by their female bosses. In some cases the woman is well aware of the man’s engaged or married status. When she’s your boss, the situation for the male employees is as uncomfortable as a casting couch. There is always the fear of harassment if you firmly decline.

Dr. Dey, working at a corporate hospital in Kolkata was recounting his workplace experience. He says, “Some women are so persevering that it becomes really difficult to avoid them. But, as a man, if you do say yes, the world is always too ready to term you as a fuckboy. Everybody virtually ignores the initial advances made by the woman.”

Gender advantage is never gender equality

In spite of the situations cited above, the harassment statistics are against men in the corporate sector. Women get abused regularly at corporate offices. That is because we have more defaulter men than defaulter women.

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As someone who appreciates the true essence of feminism, I believe you cannot fight for your rights as long as you are not right. Even if there is one wrongdoer among women, that destroys the purpose of this century old battle that women have been fighting all over the world for gender equality.

I have said before and I will reiterate: there are more women who are genuine victims than women who are guilty. However, modern day feminists have to understand that one cannot progress without rectifying one’s faults. Even if there is one woman who is guilty of male abuse, she should be identified and amended so that mansplainers don’t have the opportunity to shout “Feminazi!” at every little thing.

More power to independent, just women!

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PS: The first names of the men have been hidden to protect their privacy.

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