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It Is High Time We Talk About Organ Donation


While watching a few older advertisements a while back, I came across the Aishwarya Rai ad urging people to donate their eyes as she too would be doing the same.

That got me thinking about the whole concept of organ donation and why more people are not talking about it.

Organ donation, according to me, is one of the most noble causes in which one can help out another human being and maybe make their life a bit better.

Whether it be heart donation, blood donation, eye donation, kidney and more, we humans have all these organs that just go to waste once we die.

Why not put them to a better use and have it go to someone who is in need of it.

organ donation

Here are a few things that voluntary organ donation can help out with:

1. Black Market Organ Trading:

Okay, I know this might sound a bit naïve and the black market won’t suddenly disappear.

However, voluntary organ donating can massively help in bringing down the demand rate which will in turn affect the profits that black market organ trading is getting right now.

If voluntary organ donating rises in number then it will obviously affect and possibly bring down the numbers in the black market.

2. Good Karma?

I don’t really believe much in this, but during my research I found many people saying and even believing in this myth that if one dies without all their body parts and organs, then it might become an obstacle during rebirth.

Basically, there is a myth that one might be reborn as a demformed or missing that particular part if they donate their organs and thus die in an ‘incomplete’ body.

Can I just say that, that is the absolute worst reason to not donate organs? Organs that can probably make the life, this current life of someone so much better and allow them to live happily and you are not donating them because of a presumed 2nd birth that you don’t even know will happen or not?!

See, first things first, no one and I mean no one, knows what will happen after a person dies. Whether there is a heaven, hell or maybe all souls are just locked away in a room for eternity, I don’t know.

And for another, even if there is life after death, you don’t know what it will be, who you will be or have any kind of control over that aspect. Maybe you will be reborn as a rock, or a bird or just something else?!

Third but not the last, would be that, even if you are so concerned about God, mukti and rebirth, isn’t the first point to get a good 2nd janam to do good deeds?

Isn’t that what practically every religion preaches, to do good unto others and all?

So, won’t doing something as noble as donating your organs get you better karma, than anything else?

3. Make Someone Else’s Life Better:

I believe no other point should be as important as this one. Voluntary organ donation needs to get more mainstream recognition and more people need to do it, because just think about it.

Because of you, no matter who you are, how important or not, but you as an individual, someone will get to have another and better life.

Organ failure is not a joke and getting an organ replacement in time can save a life. So, what other reason do you need?

The reason why I felt we need to talk about this was because I feel that the younger generation while involved in various other things is not giving organ donation the attention it deserves.

And we need to change it. Now.   Here are a couple of sites that you can visit to know more about organ donation and how to go about it:

– Mohan Foundation in Chennai:

– Organ donation India:

– Gift Your Organ:

– Narmada Kidney Foundation:

And these are just a few of them, I am sure there are many more other such NGO and organisation that are involved in this sector.

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Chirali Sharma
Chirali Sharma
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