Sometimes a lonely place with a violent or macabre history remains inflicted with the tormented souls of those who once called it their home. Or maybe, it’s a curse that gives birth to the paranormal history associated with a certain place. Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan is one such place that, to date, serves as a reminder of the fateful demise of a once prosperous empire. 

Where Is Bhangarh Fort Located?

 Bhangarh Fort is located at the edge of a green expanse of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, between Alwar and Jaipur in Rajasthan. The town nearest to Bhangarh Fort is Alwar with an approximate distance of 90 km in-between. The fort is a huge tourist attraction for its marvelous architectural beauty and the gripping legends associated with its past. 

The village around Bhangarh is superficially inhabited by a few of the local people. But there’s a strange feature about the houses located near and around Bhangarh. None of them have roofs!

Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan

Who Built The Bhangarh Fort?

The history of this ancient fort dates back many centuries. The town was established during the rule of Raja Bhagwant Singh, the Kachwaha emperor of Amber. The fort was erected by Raja Madho Singh, the beloved son of Bhagwant Singh, in the 15th century. Madho Singh’s brother was the celebrated Navaratna of Akbar’s court, Raja Maan Singh.  

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A Hermit’s Curse

 Apparently, there are two legends that complement the paranormal essence of this very fort. 

The first legend comprises the curse put on the Bhangarh Fort by the Hermit Guru Balu Nath. When the King pleaded with the Sage to allow him to build a fort near the place that once served as the sage’s meditation spot, the sage agreed on one condition. The shadow of the fort was not allowed to touch his dwelling.

This condition was honored by most except for Ajab Singh who ended up building columns that finally cast a shadow on the sage’s house. The angry sage put a curse on the fort and its surrounding villages which led to the ultimate downfall and ruin of that entire area. The Bhangarh fort soon became haunted.

This is also the reason why there are no roofs in the houses of the surrounding village. The roofs apparently collapse shortly after being made. 

The Tantrik’s Rage

The second legend says that there was a beautiful princess named Ratnavati, who was the daughter of Chattr Singh. She was known as the jewel of Rajasthan. While tales of her beauty and temperament spread far and wide, many noblemen from all around contested for her hand in marriage.

A tantrik priest, versed in black magic, fell in love with the princess. He knew that the princess would not reciprocate and hence he devised an evil plan. When he saw the princess’s maid buying perfume for her, he put a curse on it which was supposed to make the princess fall in love with him. Ratnavati came to know of this evil ploy and threw the perfume toward the tantrik.

It is believed that the cursed perfume turned into a boulder that apparently crushed the tantrik under its weight and led to his untimely demise. Before his death, the tantrik cursed the princess, her family and the entirety of the village. Within the next few years, the entire empire ended up in ruins, its glory soon weighed down by gloom. 

No matter which side of the story you may choose to believe, the fact remains that there is indeed something eerie and strange about the haunted Bhangarh fort. 

Although it might be difficult to judge the logic behind paranormal activities, when the government tells you to stay away, something is definitely not right with that place. The Archaeological Survey of India or ASI has put up several boards in and around Bhangarh fort, forbidding the locals and tourists from entering the place after sunset and before sunrise.

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