For the past year or two, India has been experiencing a huge rise in the online gaming market, enough for the country’s Prime Minister to take notice.

PUBG: Mobile is quite popular amongst the Indian youth. The game is so popular that the developers organize multiple competitions all over the country. Players have even represented India in the world championships, which happened for the first time at an E-sports event.

PUBG Mobile

Call of Duty or COD, a popular PC game for almost a decade, decided to break the monopoly of PUBG: Mobile by launching its mobile version this year. COD Mobile smashed all launch records, with over 100 million downloads in the very first week.

Call of Duty

So here we compare the two games and help you decide which game you should download today. Let’s go!

1. Size

2 years since its release, PUBG: Mobile is now of 1.8 GB and 2.3 GB size after the in-game downloads. Realizing its size issue, the game has recently released its LITE version of 520 MB.

PUBG Mobile’s download page in Google Play Store.

COD Mobile, on the other hand, has an understandable 1.10 GB size.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s download page in Google Play Store

2. Variety Of Maps

Currently in its 10th season, PUBG: Mobile has 4 distinct Battle Royale or BR maps to play in – Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. In Arcade mode it also has mini maps and zombie mode.

To deal with its competitor, PUBG has recently launched a Payload mode, i.e. Battle Royale with helicopters available in it, and 2 maps for Deathmatch mode.

COD: Mobile has only 1 Battle Royale map, however, its USP lies in its Multiplayer mode. With its 4 major gaming modes and 9 maps, the game has caught enough attention among the aggressive players.

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3. The Gaming Experience

Although famous, PUBG: Mobile often gets its players frustrated with issues like frame drops, ping, de-sync, and game glitches. The issues have been serious enough to prove itself disadvantageous for two teams in the world championship, but still, the game can’t seem to fix it.

Pubg Mobile

Comparatively, COD Mobile provides a smoother experience with almost no frame drop, and a stable ping, even if your teammates are from all over the world.

It’s important to note that it has hardly been a month since its official launch, and with the game updating almost every week, things can take a turn for the better or worse.

Call Of Duty Mobile

4. Hackers

Hacking is a major issue in almost every online multiplayer game. With hackers ruining the game for other players, it becomes the game developer’s responsibility to deal with the situation and make it a fair and fun game.

In this case, PUBG: Mobile has done a horrible job. Even after the game claims that the issue has been fixed, with its top players being killed by hackers in their live streams, we can say it has been ineffective.

Hacker’s gameplay of Pubg Mobile being live-streamed.

COD Mobile, with only a month in the gaming market, has low possibilities of having hackers. Yet, after finding out that the player who was ranked 2 in its leader boards used the method of hacking in a match, COD claims that it has banned the player and his teammates from all devices.

Although the game’s ‘report a player’ feature is still in its early stages, the game has been doing a fair job in enforcing its no-nonsense policy.

5. Skins

In 2 years, PUBG: Mobile has changed a lot. Stressing on the graphics of the game, PUBG: Mobile offers a variety of looks or skin for the weapons and the game’s character, for free. It also offers the players to buy skins of their choice.

Pubg Skins that players can buy

COD has taken a different approach in this regard. Even though it has gun skins, the game characters aren’t customizable. Instead, it offers you to choose from multiple characters who you can customize with their own perks and unique special skills. And yes, you can buy more if you wish.

PUBG has its deep roots in the mobile gaming market and is already famous amongst the Indian youth, COD is only a month old and is yet to make an impact of that kind.

Multiplayer mode is COD’s USP, however, it’s Battle Royale keeps getting a thumbs down, so COD has received mixed reviews from its audience.

Worthy competitor or not, COD Mobile’s release did make the PUBG authorities feel threatened enough to cancel the invitation of a player for streaming COD instead of PUBG on his YouTube channel.

So, before you go off to play a match with your friends, do tell us your opinion about these games in the comments below.

Hold up, can I play with you? :P

Image Credits: Google Images, Google Play, Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile

Sources: YouTube, Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, The Esports Observer

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