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How Important Is Modi’s Degree, Mr. Kejriwal? Let Us Focus On Your Promises Instead


The recent tussle between AAP and BJP raises an important question which needs to be addressed. Is having a graduate degree really that important in politics?


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Most of the rational minds of this country which come on prime time have made us believe that degree is not everything. So what if Namo doesn’t have a degree? He’s still our PM. He works 24x7x365, without a degree.

The issue of degree is not anything new. Earlier also politicians have raised it, which was also very wide in nature but not as big as this one. Because, you know, Modi is involved.

Why the issue

I believe that Kejriwal did not have any other allegation to surround Modi or the BJP, therefore, the degree issue. This is the level of lacuna in Kejriwal’s political mind.

Kejriwalji, if you wanted some reasonable allegations against the BJP then there are plenty of them. Like the Sakshi Maharaj asking a girl to unbutton jeans. That is the real shit. Or if he wanted he could have raised the issue of Augusta Westland scam which engulfs the Congress. But what political benefit will he receive by criticizing the already dead opposition? Nothing.

However, if an IITian has raised some issue then the least we could do is to think about it.

Degree Scam

It is not new to India that some politician forges his degree or misrepresents himself to be graduated. Several law ministers were alleged to have forged their degrees, including former Delhi Law Minister. Modi’s cabinet minister, Gopinath Munde was also alleged to fake his LLB degree. It was said that he obtained a degree of graduation in the year 1976, but the institute was established in 1978. Smriti Irani was also caught up in this degree scam where it was said that she mentioned different qualifications in her affidavit to Election Commission.

Is Degree Important?

The hypocrisy in India can be seen when a deputy chief minister is being criticized because he is only a 9th pass, but a cabinet minister is being praised even though she is just a 5th pass. Point to be noted: Deputy CM has no important value in the government, whereas, a cabinet minister has the immense governmental duty.

Maneka Gandhi, a cabinet minister, is 12th pass. Uma Bharti, Cabinet minister, is the 5th pass. Bihar’s Deputy CM is 9th. Our HRD minister has ambiguous educational qualifications. (And I’m not going into the educational qualification of Sakshi Maharaj or Yogi Adityanath. Not that vella)

Let us talk about importance of degree in points:

  1. Since the evolution of Indian Democracy, we have not bothered about the educational qualifications of our ministers. Nobody has ever asked for Mulayam Singh or Indira Gandhi’s degrees. Maybe this might be the sole reason why we still don’t give a damn about it while elections. Maybe this has become a custom. But still not having a degree didn’t hamper the progress.
  2. The government and judiciary of India have always focused on increasing the literacy rate. Each year many IITs and IIMs are considered for an establishment. Every year hundreds of schools and colleges are opened. The government has started providing scholarship and loans. What is common in all these activities? The motive behind this clearly shows that the government has given education very high importance. What is the point of spreading awareness when it itself is not willing to have educated ministers?

I leave the conclusion up to you. Everyone is free to draw their own inference. But keep this in mind that if college degree had not been important, our parents would not have spent their hard earned life-size money on our college fees.


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Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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