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India To Launch Desi GPS: IRNSS-1F


ISRO launched IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) 1F satellite yesterday, on India’s premier satellite launch vehicle: PSLV: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. It is the 6th satellite in the yet to be completed constellation of seven, which once completed will provide an accurate independent navigation system to Indian masses.


Types of Satellite Navigation Systems  (SatNavs)

There are two types of SatNav systems: Global and Regional. Global SatNav constellations use more than 20 satellites. Regional SatNav systems are those which provide coverage only to a certain part of the world and require fewer satellites. IRNSS is a regional system and so its constellation will consist of seven satellites. Three of these will be geostationary over the Indian Ocean, i.e., they will appear to be stationary in the sky over the region (like they’re attached to the earth), and four will be geosynchronous – appearing at the same point in the sky at the same time every day (correct example is: “main thehera raha zameen chalne lagi” sung by a satellite).

Put on the thug life glasses Indians. Su** it U.S.!

Whenever we press the location button in our smartphones, it turns on the GPS. GPS or Global Positioning System is a system developed by the United States. What this means is that when you touch that location button, not only you, but the US govt. has the option of tracking your location as well. This gives them supremacy over us, and it is another reason why the US dominates the world.main-qimg-c3768853f584d33078163f4a32fb3250

The launch of the sixth IRNSS satellites means that we’re just a launch away from our own GPS. We don’t have to depend upon the US to get location services, and neither do we have to tell them “at Roshan di Kulfi: eating Kulfi with Angel Priya and 17 others”. I mean we could but we would have the option of not telling. Anyways.

India bags the 4th place in the race (as a country)!

While the only two operational global SatNav systems are GPS by the US and GLONASS by Russia. And systems currently being developed are BeiDou by China, and Galileo by Europe. In other words India is one of the very first nations to develop its SatNav system.

Ache din aagye?

We should rejoice that Modi Sarkaar is spending on research and development, not only growing the economy, but also spending our hard earned money on something other than scams.

With our own navigational system, we’d be inched towards gaining world recognition as an independent growing nation, less than no one. So let’s take pride in the technological development done by our scientists (which is surely a rare sight) and look forward towards a desi navigational system with desi voice navigation. “O kake accelerator te prasher paa lambi road haggi” “Mai keya sigga right lenna ya tu sunda nayi ya?” *Shut Up! My mother speaks less than you!”

Siddharth Sharma
Believes in the force.


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