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Now Break Your Nuptial Bond With a Bang: The Divorce Industry is here


Are you tired of all those years of marriage? Is your marriage depriving you from all the fun life has to offer? Do you finally want to call it quits and move on? If these are your woes, don’t worry. The divorce industry is here to help you.

“And so they were married and lived happily ever after”

old people and love

Thus went one of the greatest clichés in the world of films and novels. For ages, marriage has been considered to be an inviolable bond, binding two individuals till “Death do them apart”. Hindu philosophy goes one step further, claiming that marriage ties individuals for not one, but seven lives!

But even Marriages come with expiry dates

Come 21st century and our preconceived notions about the institution of marriage are starting to face some serious challenges. We are an evolving species and we are getting increasingly cautious about why we do what we do. And that might even mean challenging the very purpose of marriage itself!

Statistics says that 50% of first marriages end up in a divorce. Thus divorce is almost as normal as marriage is.


Divorce: where the money lies

You might want to make your marriage ceremony really grand. You might even contact an event manager to arrange it for you. After all, it’s the most important event of your life!

Now flip this around a bit. What if you want to get divorced? And you’re kind of relieved to break free from the shackles of marriage! Wouldn’t you want a ceremonial end to it?

This is what the billion dollar divorce industry wants you to think.

Yes, you read it right!

It is already a sunshine industry in the United States. And the profession that is gaining popularity from all this is that of the divorce lawyer!

Want to make a lot of money?: Become a divorce attorney


The divorce lawyer encourages you to get divorced if you are the victim of abuse, if your spouse is doing drugs or cheating on you and a plethora of other reasons! Divorce is not so bad after all, they say.

One millionaire divorce lawyer goes to the extent of dissuading you to get married in the first place. His rationale is:

Marriage deprives you from so many things you can do in your life. 10 years after marriage, having been a faithful spouse and doting parent, you discover that you’ve lost opportunities and missed out on a lot of fun! Marriage is the most wasteful thing to do. Why would a person in his right mind get married?In fact, it’s astounding that this institution still exists!

Now get divorced and brag about it!

The divorce industry does not shy away at all when it comes to creativity. Ostentatious would be an understatement to describe some of these divorce ceremonies. They have everything from the spiritual to the outright lecherous: friends and family, drinks, giant wedding cakes, celebrity performances and even strippers.

The people from the divorce industry sugarcoat such startling revelry as a means to end on a happy note, to tell your acquaintances and the world that you are moving on!


Welcome to the Divorce Hotel

Another byproduct of this industry is hospitality in the form of Heart-Break hotels. These hotels challenge the notion of divorce being a horrible, painstaking process. Meant for affluent couples (or rather-to be divorcees) they promise a relaxed and placid ending to the nuptial bond. Check in on a Friday married. Check out on a Sunday divorced. Divorce hoteliers pride themselves on helping maintain friendships long after divorce.


Is this likely to happen here?

In a wide, wild world, the burgeoning divorce industry seems challenge the integrity of an age old custom! Fortunately (or unfortunately) India is yet to see any signs of a heart-break industry. If it does appear here, however, it will be interesting to see how our moral police and champions of Hindutva react to it.



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