The past year and a half have been tumultuous for every sector and the fashion industry remains no exception. However, innovation would be more than a buzzword as the fashion industry looks forward to revival in the coming years and technology will have a bigger role to play in this regard. Here’s a perspective about the fashion industry on what it holds for everyone who is associated with it in the long run.

Everyone who has tried to stay afloat in their own way amidst the struggle, which is purely for the love and passion for the field that offers immense scope for creative expressions. 

Fashion trends shift towards more casual and versatile

Loungewear has emerged as a trend that has changed the equation in the fashion industry. Considering that more people have been spending their time working from home, so casual and versatile garments emerged on the fashion circuit, the loungewear trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As the restrictions related to Covid-19 are lifted steadily, consumers will continue to prefer the comfort of the loungewear that they had been wearing during the lockdowns. 

Digital will continue to be the way forward

Technology emerged as a sort of boon for various individuals associated with the fashion industry considering that family get-togethers, functions, weddings and events were hardly being organised. For instance, as most fashion studios were not functioning, fashion designers started operating from online platforms. 

Similarly, established photographers started conducting online workshops for aspiring photographers. On the other hand, virtual events made videographers busy once again.

While it did not assure business as usual, but at least it provided an opportunity to stay afloat and wait for this tide of the pandemic to ebb. Also, choreographers have now become trained in the format of conducting virtual fashion shows.

Social media platforms provide scope to sustain

As fashion shows were hardly being organised, models and those associated with the backstage teams such as make-up artists, managers and choreographers, among others shifted to the virtual platform. 

For instance, a few smart models got in touch with designers and promoted the designer label on their various social media accounts. In this way, they were able to sustain themselves for the time being. Similarly, a few established make-up artists started conducting workshops for training the aspiring lot.

Also, virtual events and small-scale wedding programs continue to keep them busy for the moment. 

The rise of beauty pageant contests

There has been a marked rise in the number of beauty pageant contests that are being organised mostly on virtual platforms. This has provided scope to many who are associated with the industry to at least continue to make a living. Aspiring models are bagging opportunities on these platforms. This arrangement has also opened a new avenue for married women who all this while desired to showcase their talent on the ramp but couldn’t due to family obligations. When aspiring models take part in these pageants, they are trained and groomed by professionals. In a way, these beauty contests have emerged as a stepping stone into the industry. 

Summing it up

As they say, every challenge, every adversity contains with it the seeds of opportunity and growth. The fashion industry would definitely come out stronger from this dry spell. Till the time glitz and glamour returns on the runway, let us hold on to each other and continue to explore new avenues to sustain and survive. 

(The author of this article, Mr Utsav Dholakia is a world-renowned Creative Content Producer, Show Director and Choreographer. Utsav has been honoured by the Mayor of Kingston upon Thames, London, United Kingdom for his creative work.)





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