This year has been nothing short of a deluge of virtually apocalyptic events, where a partly-living virus has wreaked havoc forcing an unprecedented shutdown of the entire world.

When we thought that things could not become any worse than this, the bubonic plague knocked on the door and greeted us. Yes, the black death that took thousands of lives in Europe in the medieval period has reemerged, this time in China. 

Black Death in the 14th century killed one-third population of Europe and is marked as the deadliest outbreaks in the history

Suspected Bubonic Plague Case Reported In China

One suspected case of bubonic plague has been reported by a hospital in northern China’s Inner Mongolia on Sunday. The patient is currently in isolation and undergoing treatment. He is out of danger.

Bubonic Plague is a bacterial disease that has the potential to kill a person in less than 24 hours. It spreads by fleas living on wild rodents such as marmots. It is characterized by painful swollen lymph nodes, called buboes.

One most characteristic symptom of the bubonic plague is swollen lymph nodes, along with fever, dizziness, and fatigue

As the news of suspected infection broke out, a level III warning of plague prevention and control has been implemented in Bayannur, an autonomous region in inner Mongolia. This is the second-lowest warning in a four-level system.

Due to the risk of it spreading quickly in the city, the warning period would continue until the end of this year. The advisory, issued by the Local authorities in Bayannur, forbids people to hunt or eat animals that could result in plague infections.

The public has been advised to report any cases of killed or dead marmots (from whom the bubonic plague spreads) and any other animals. It also asked the citizens to report suspected plague cases, high fever patients with unknown reasons, and patients dying from sudden deaths.

Wild rodents, such as marmots, cause bubonic plague which is deadly and spreads quickly

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Why Is The News Worrisome?

This news is more worrisome as just eight months ago four cases of plague were reported in the country. Two of them were of the fatal pneumonic plague, one from the capital Beijing and another from Inner Mongolia.

On July 1st, 2020 (just six days back), two more confirmed cases of the bubonic plague were reported in Khovd province in western Mongolia. These included two brothers, who consumed marmot meat and are now undergoing treatment.

Reportedly, Inner Mongolia has areas where there is an elevated risk of contact with plague-infected animals such as rats or hares that might result in human infections.

This news comes amidst the concerns of a pig influenza virus bearing genotype 4 (G4) that could mitigate from pigs to humans and trigger a global outbreak.

Scientists have found a new G4 virus that originates from pigs and can infect humans

China Attacked Through Memes and Jokes

Just as this news reached India, people started sharing memes on Twitter, attacking China, and the viruses that originate from it from time to time.

When the world is grappling with COVID-19, the emergence of bubonic plague is a great cause of worry
Twitteratis attack China through memes on Twitter in the wake of bubonic plague
It seems as if we are reading about a new virus or disease every other week
The plague spreads from wild rodents, such as marmots, which are consumed by Chinese people
Chinese Business? Hmm…
China is notorious for being the epicenter of many deadly viruses, such as SARS, Hanta Virus, and of course Coronavirus

No wonder Twitteratis can make a joke out of any situation, or out of any virus as in this case.

Let’s just hope that this is the last of all the negative news that 2020 has given us so far.

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