Colleges, especially private ones, often use interesting and creative ways to advertise themselves, trying to appeal to the student folk using pop culture things that would make them seem relatable and thus get students to apply there.

Currently, in the same vein, an advertisement by the Indore Institute of Law is going viral where they’ve compared two fictional characters and how getting into the college can make the student one of the other. Only the characters they’ve selected is the cause of making the ad go viral.

What Is This Viral Ad?

A full-page ad by the Indore Institute of Law is going viral, for featuring well-known characters Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) from the American TV series Suits and Jagdishwar Mishra (Akshay Kumar) from the Hindi film Jolly LLB 2.

The ad shows the two characters opposite to each other, with the tagline “You can be Harvey Specter or Jagdishwar Mishra, choice is yours”.

It’s clearly a play on the characters where Harvey is an extremely successful and rich lawyer in the US while Jagdishwar is shown to be a struggling lawyer. So the ad seems to insinuate that students to get admission into the college would be like Harvey and those who let that opportunity pass would face same fate as Jagdishwar.

Obviously, this tickled a lot of people online, who clearly had a laugh at the ad.

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Actually, this is not the first time that this ad has gone viral, in fact, in 2020 the ad had gotten a lot of attention, and even led to the institute issuing an apology. The college was slammed for being elitist and compromising the “dignity of Indian lawyers.”

There were even questions raised on how the college could use these images and whether they’d gotten the copyright permissions or not. Facing all this at that time the college had said that “We assure everyone that it was absolutely not our intention to offend anyone or defame any section of the legal profession.”

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