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Indians at their best



What are Indians best at? A recent question on Quora got me thinking. What makes an Indian a typical Indian?


Here are a few things I could come up with


1. The saas-bahu serials: Those glittery saris, over the top makeup and the dramatic good-for-nothing expressions. Gosh. Something only Indians can make and Indians can watch. And we are pro at it. The level of imagination, be it in after deaths or leaps is commendable. Despite being so annoyingly unrealistic, the popularity of such serials never falls.

saas bahu


2. The bargaining:  well, the art of bargaining. The sweet smell of sweat and hardwork which goes after saving that 10 rupee note on bargaining on those bathroom slippers. Its Indian mentality. And it’s also fun.  The satisfaction of bargaining surpasses all. Each rupee saved is happiness.



3. The constant criticism: politics, society, or…. Anything. We can criticise everything. From the beggars on the street to the Ambani’s in their Antilla. From the government policies to the watchman’s timings in the building. From the increasing prices of property to the increasing demand for hike in the maid’s salary. Everything and anything demands criticism.



4. Nosey-posey: Indians have a knack of being ‘over friendly’.  We take the saying ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ way too seriously. We love interfering in each other’s business and offering the not-so-needed-advice.


5. The failed concept of a ‘Q’: a line is a queue. It literally doesn’t mean a ‘Q’. Be it a railway station or a movie hall, Indians can’t stand in a line. Because for them, a line is not straight. It bends at various angle.





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