By Niharkana Dhar

“Tap, tap” onto my laptop touchpad perched atop my legs, my head leaning in the oddest way over a pillow so that my back can feel the comfort of lying down whereas my eyes would be roving the screen.

There, discomfort! But my work is done, pdf downloaded, converted and copied into Kindle.

As much as the go-green initiatives urge us to download books how comfortable are we really? 

1. Reading for pleasure

Our bed-time, travel time or any reading today contribute to going green, using lesser and lesser paper. But while we read for recreation and almost as a form of meditation, can we afford to be uncomfortable physically? When we sit back on a holiday or at the end of the day for a certain amount of light reading, we hope to give in to the content at our hands and forget the rest. A paperback cover with illustrations is what book lovers would look for as pleasing to the eye and the touch.

2. Colourful bookmarks

Any book lover would agree on having those aesthetically pleasing bookmarks to mark their favourite pages and lines. The craftsy amidst them would even origami-cally create their own! And the extroverts would certainly click a picture and put up a virtual story with their much-loved books enumerated by the bookmark.

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Officially and academically speaking, the electronic page is the answer to our prayers and the fulfillment of the information dearth. Cutting out on unnecessary paperwork in offices and reaching out to us universally in education is its achievement. Brevity is celebrated through blogs, e-papers and even memes as satirical attacks now no longer require lengthy mock-epics and plays.

The unity of time, place and action has been appreciatively replaced by and reduced to the unity of word, picture, and the internet. However, the human mind’s tendency to indulge in fantasy, fiction or even non-fiction at the end of the day is still satisfied by the paper alone. Be it a tissue paper or the paperback novel, we would still be asking for another one in times to come!

Author Bio: Niharkana is doing her post graduation in English from Delhi University.

Image Credits: Google Images

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