I’m baffled by the constant debate on whether the current Man City is the greatest Premier League side or not. Isn’t it a bit early to judge or even debate on this?

Without much ado, let us look at the copious factors on the much-debated topic.

They Haven’t Won Anything Substantial Yet

The Invincibles, the United team that won the Cl in 2008, Mourinho’s Chelsea team of 2004 were teams that had won trophies constantly year after year. Pep hasn’t even won a Micky Mouse trophy yet but still, his team is being hailed as the greatest ever. Yes, they are 14 points ahead of Chelsea as of now. But a difference of 14 points in PL isn’t the same as 14 points in Bundesliga. Absolutely baffling.

Gary Neville has summed it up by saying,

“A great side is what Liverpool did in the 80s or what United did in the 90s and 2000s: win multiple trophies and European Cups. United had three great sides in the Ferguson era, the ’94 Double team, the ’99 Treble team and the 2008 team. They were great sides that have achieved far more than this Man City team have done to date.

The Mourinho Chelsea side of 2004-06 was a great side as well. They won two titles on the bounce. The Barcelona team of Guardiola were a great side. City has got a long way to go yet. I don’t think even Guardiola would tell you they’re a great side because he has managed great sides.’’

Lucky With Injuries

They have been super lucky when it comes to injuries. Well, I’m not saying or wishing for any of their major players to get injured but the fact remains that barring Mendy and Stones no one has been injured and they have reaped benefits out of it. Apparently, today after the Crystal Palace, Kevin De Bruyne and Jesus seem to have suffered some major injuries. Let’s hope how this pans out. Without the both of them, it will be a stern test for City in PL and CL in the upcoming months.

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The Big Teams Have Faltered At Key Moments

Being a United fan, I hate Liverpool but then they are one team whom I had expected to give City a taste of their own medicine but Mane’s sending off ruined everything that day and Liverpool being Liverpool were humiliated yet again.

United too should have at least drawn the game against City. It burns my blood even today when I watch the highlights of that match and see Lukaku assisting in both the goals.

Spending Has Gone Over The Roof

“One thing is a big club and another thing is a big football team. They are two different things.

We are in the second year of trying to rebuild a football team that is not one of the best teams in the world. Manchester City buys full-backs for the price of strikers. When you speak about big football clubs, you are speaking about the history of the club.”

Mourinho certainly nails it out here when he mentions how City has made a mockery of the Financial Fair Play rules and that 9 out of 10 times, they get the player they want. Well, if reports are to be believed, they are to get Sanchez either in the January or during Summer of 2018 which will further strengthen their scarily talented squad.

All said and done, it is undeniable that Pep is one of the best coaches in the world. He has improved the current squad dramatically and is highly regarded by all the players. City might go on to win the PL but calling them the greatest ever PL is a huge overstatement. Let them do it for more years to come.

And let’s not forget, United has a serial winner in their ranks and the Special One will sooner than later bring home the much-coveted trophy.

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