The women of India have seen several ages, holding a far different position in every age. In the Vedic Period, she enjoyed equal status to men in every field. She was educated just as much as (or even more than) men were, married at a mature age, and was probably free to choose her own spouse.

The Medieval period saw a major deterioration in the position of women in the society. Here is where the practices of Jauhar, the purdah system, polygamy, and other social evils embarked. Women were restricted within the four walls of the house.

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British India saw several revolutionists who worked for reforms and upliftment of women in the society. Now, in independent India, women participate freely and actively in education, sports, science, culture, service, politics and in every other domain.

Here are a few women of 2018 who have made India immensely proud:

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: The billionaire

Women in the Commonwealth Games 2018


Avani Chaturvedi

Dr. Bharti Lavekar

Priyanka Chopra

INS Tarini all-women crew

 Women have had long, hard times, but that hasn’t made them tireful. 

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