There seems to be a strange animosity against Veere Di Wedding and the recent piece by Youth Ki Awaaz, titled “Veere Di Wedding’ Is Neither Women-Centric Nor Powerful” along with the contents inside really struck me how we see women-oriented films.

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The author while writing a reaction of some sorts to the newly released song ‘Tareefan’ commented on how this is not the right way to show feminism, and definitely not right way to show empowerment.

She said that:

This is NOT how you make a women-centric film. This is NOT how you portray women empowerment. This is NOT what you make of feminism. Yes, there are people calling it women-centric and powerful with a powerful message. Like, seriously?

But the question here that’s important is why do all female-centric films have to be about some kind of a social message? Why do they all have to do with empowerment and uplifting the women?

Don’t get me wrong, the films that do give women the courage to do something beyond what the society confines or showing the dark reality that women live in are applause-worthy and definitely needed.

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But why can’t we also have women-oriented films which have women being normal people doing silly things? Are women not allowed to fun if it’s not to break some barrier and flip off the world?

Is that all we’ve reduced women to? A way to give out a social message without them acting like normal human beings.

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Bollywood Doesn’t Have Chick Flick Category

Currently, I cannot think of even one movie that can come under the chick flick category in Bollywood.

And chick-flick, I would like to clear up does not necessarily have to mean a bimbo film full of clichés as it has been stereotyped.

Hollywood has a good collection of ‘chick-flicks’ that are actually smart like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bridesmaids, Clueless, The Princess Bride, The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty In Pink and so many others.

Almost all of these stories have been appreciated for their intelligent storytelling and visualising the world of women and all that comes with it in a smart yet interesting way.

Essentially, a chick-flick means a movie oriented towards the female audience, something that is severely lacking in Bollywood. The sad truth is that Bollywood does not even realize that there is a need of such light-hearted and fun films that cater specifically to women.

When it comes to bromance we have epics like Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and more that celebrate the male friendship in an entertaining manner without making it too heavy with social messages and all.

Then why is it so wrong and anti-feminist for ‘Veere’ to do the same.

Veere, This One Is For You Too

The very title of the film also belays its want to enter the boy section and prove that they are no less than the men. But why encroach on their territory?

Why can’t female-oriented films make their own niche in Bollywood and instead of masquerading as a female-led bromance, give rise to sister-love?

Because the sad fact is that even the team of ‘Veere’ have denied the chick flick tag with producer Rhea Kapoor starting the hashtag ‘#IAmNotACHICKFlick’.

But why are they trying to squash that and not label it as a chick-flick when it is. There is nothing inherently wrong or anti-women for making a chick-flick in the first place.

I believe we need to realise that not every women-oriented movie has to be about empowerment, have deep social activism in it and brandish the flag of feminism, where the female characters are shown in avenging roles set on changing the world.

There are also women of substance who have a fun and light side to them where while handling their self-built high profile careers they can also indulge in harmless fun like gossiping, chatting, boys, cursing, pranks, etc.

Why can’t 4 female actors come together and bring with an out and out entertainer where they are not being asked to show how much percentage of feminism the movie has.

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Sources: Youth Ki Awaaz, Firstpost, Filmfare 

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