Walking through the streets of Chennai, one often gets reminded of a plethora of things. Ranging from the timelessness of the city to the history that the city harbours. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the ever-developing city, there exists a hint of lethargy that is as magnetic as it is annoying if you are from a city that never sleeps.

Cultural shock aside, this amazingly huge southern city made me learn that there are interesting places to be found everywhere. All we have to do is look.

Marina Beach Lighthouse

Armenian Church

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Broken Bridge

Demonte Colony

Hiding Caves of Little Mount

Elliott Beach

Ruins of Govindasamy Nagar Slum Eviction

To end an article that is supposed to be a visual representation of all that is worth visiting as a tourist in Chennai with an image of what essentially represents the plight of the poor is distasteful, to an extent.

However, it is the visualization of reality. Not my reality or your reality who have the privilege of returning home but this is the reality for the 300-odd families who have had to leave their homes in an eviction drive.

As of now, the Tamil Nadu state government has provided them with tenancies. Some are within Chennai while a few are miles across. However, it is not just about them having shelter, rather it is about the issue of displacement that the poor have little resources to battle with. At the end of the day, discourse is their greatest weapon, and it is our duty to spread the same.

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