Nature always has ways to amaze us with what all it can create. From the automatic formation of a shivling in Amarnath of India to the rainbow river in Colombia, there are a million different ways that nature shows us it’s the ultimate artist to ever be.

Now the snow monsters of ‘Juhyos’ of Japan are another part of how nature is able to impress us. Every year during the wintertime figures cover a certain area of Mount Zao in Japan that almost looks like an army of magical creatures. Only they are not magical and actually created by nature itself when a couple of weather conditions all happen at the same time resulting in the formation of these shapes.

The AccuWeather has explained this phenomenon of ‘snow monsters’ being created when high wings repeatedly blow water and snow particles through the conifer trees that cover the hills of Mount Zao. These particles then settle on the trees and its branches and eventually become solid due to the extremely low temperature.

Also, fresh snow falling on top of these trees covered in solid water and ice only gives them more humanistic shapes that almost look like monsters given their huge size. As springtime comes around the increasing temperature melts away the snow and leaves behind the original trees.

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Snow Monsters Japan

What do you all think? Do these actually look monstrous? How does seeing these beautiful natural creations in real life sounds like? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sources: The Indian Express, The AtlanticThe New York Times

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