Watch: 5 Winter Getaways From Kolkata

Winters in Kolkata are synonymous with picnics and short trips. Be it to a nearby amusement park or a weekend getaway, winter is the perfect time to set the explorer in you free.

Known for its welcoming and kaleidoscopic culture, many tourists claim that Kolkata is one of the undisputed real Indian holiday destinations.

The remnants of the colonial era that shrouds this city give a remarkable vibe that is only found in historical places, yet the beauty of nature and tranquil surroundings have brought several tourists to Kolkata to just bask in the warmth and authenticity that Kolkata –  the city of the soul brings.

This is all the more true in the winter season when you can travel in amazing weather that is just perfect for impromptu road trips. 

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If you have explored the beautiful city of Kolkata already and now looking for places to visit near Kolkata in winter, we have you covered. Here are five winter getaways from Kolkata where you can visit for a refreshing trip:

Let us know in the comments if there’s any other winter getaway from Kolkata that’ll prove to be a treat for an explorer’s soul!

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