Financial discussions can seem excruciatingly dense and dry to those outside the industry: net income this, profit margin that – it’s understandable for your eyelids to feel heavy!

But like any field, finance has its share of catchy slang terms that have been developed over time to describe practices and trends that are exclusive to that sector.

In the financial industry, there are many buzzwords are used. Generally speaking, a buzzword is a word or phrase that is used in a specific industry, such as finance or information technology (and for nearly all fields of human activity, such as management, administration, technology, and so on), and the user uses the buzzword to give the word or phrase and the meaning it conveys a stylish and trendy tinge.

Using a term can serve a variety of purposes, from impressing laypeople to subtly or indirectly communicating a meaning. A buzzword is different from jargon in the sense that jargon has a clearly defined meaning while buzzwords can occasionally be used with ambiguous or indicative meanings.

Numerous buzzwords have been popular over time in the field of finance, both personal and business. The list below includes some of our most favorite intriguing buzzwords used in the financial sector along with brief explanations of their definitions and usage settings.

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Understanding this jargon might benefit you in your investment life and make you seem more knowledgeable to others. So which of the buzzwords did you find the most interesting and useful? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Sources: The Week, Investopedia, Business Insider +more

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