India has seen a significant increase in festive tourism in the last five years. Especially when it comes to the festival of colors, Holi which is celebrated vivaciously across the country with different cultural traditions in every region.

Instead of heading towards the crowded Holi of UP, people have started making their way towards the hills for festivities.

Entering the competition is a small Himalayan hamlet called Sangla. The valley is part of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Holi in Sangla is a way of inviting blessings and announcing the arrival of spring.

Kinnauri people celebrate this festival in a way which cannot be witnessed in any other part of the country.

They have some unique, mind-blasting traditions which include lots of booze, dancing, along with nautanki (drama) and is the perfect getaway from the hustle of swarming cities.

Check out these pictures to know more about the ins and outs of Holi in Sangla.

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Image credits: Abhinav Chandel, Google Images

Source: Way Back Home, Tripoto + others

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