Chai in matkas” or tea in earthen pots have always been the heart and soul of the people of Kolkata. Our mornings can not begin without a cup of “chai” in the bed. Be it a stressful day or something good to celebrate, snacks with tea are a must. Hence, tea is quite an integral part of our lives.

In 1826, the British East India Company took over the region from the Ahom kings through the Yandaboo Treaty. In 1837, the first English tea garden was established at Chabua in Upper Assam; in 1840, the Assam Tea Company began the commercial production of tea in the region. And ever since then, it has been impossible to tear Indians and tea apart.
They both are almost complementary!

Here are some tea joints that are quite underrated but when it comes to flavor and smell, they are bound to leave you wanting for more.

1. Cha O Nachiketa

Underrated Tea Stalls In Kolkata

Underrated Tea Stalls In Kolkata



2. Gaurav Da’s Tea Stall

Underrated Tea Stalls In Kolkata

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3. Tea Trove

Underrated Tea Stalls In Kolkata

4. Taste Tea Treat

Underrated Tea Stalls In Kolkata


Hence, if you’re a true worshipper of “chai” drop by these amazing places soon!

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