LeBron James is definitely going to be in the news again this summer, when he finally decides on where he’ll be heading to next season in order to chase another NBA title.

He made the most controversial switch of his career in 2010, when he decided to play for Miami Heat after leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, a move which resulted in him making it to 4 consecutive NBA finals, where 2 of those finals resulted in 2 consecutive NBA championship victories.

He returned to Cleveland in 2014, with a promise to bring a championship to “The Land” and did so successfully in 2016, as he produced one of the most virtuoso performances by any player, when his team went 1-3 down, only to win 4-3 in the 7-game series and LeBron James became an NBA champion for the 3rd time.

Since then, he has lost 2 consecutive finals against his team’s arch-nemesis, the Golden State Warriors and his supporting cast has been nothing short of mediocre.

Although Shaquille O’Neal has publicly said that LeBron doesn’t need more championships to prove his status as the best in the world, it still comes to “King” James and his decision as he has made it plenty clear that he’s chasing Michael Jordan’s record of winning the NBA championship 6 times.

So with free agency approaching once more, let’s take a look at where LeBron might go in order to continue his pursuit towards more championships and solidifying his legacy as the greatest player of his generation and perhaps, of all time:

It’s All About That $$$$

You’ve got Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma as the core of a young team and you add the world’s best player to your line-up. That gives you a little more than a chance to compete for a championship. But can LeBron recruit Paul George to make “Project Lakers 2.0” a reality?

The Super Team (Almost)

As amazing as it sounds, it’ll be tricky to adjust the holy trinity in one team, especially when 2 of them love the ball.

Home Is Where The Heart Is For LeBron James

He rallied his team past Indiana Pacers, he destroyed the Toronto Raptors on his own and further proved why he’s the king of the Eastern Conference by defeating the young and dynamic Boston Celtics in the Conference finals in the 2017-18 season.

Who’s to say he won’t do it again if the Cavs add a couple of more All-Stars to their line-up?

The Best, The Best And The Best

Best coach: Greg Popovich; Best Two-Way Player In The League: Kawhi Leonard; Best Player In The World: LeBron James.

Add 1 other top player and you’ve got yourselves a championship level line-up.

The Near-Perfect Fit

Joel Embiid has told the people to “Trust the process” and watch the evolution of the Philadelphia 76ers.

After boasting the 3rd best record in the Eastern Conference and producing players like Ben Simmons (who’s a candidate for the Rookie Of The Year award this season), adding the world’s best player to their squad will surely give the 76ers a high chance of winning the NBA championship.


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Sources: ESPN, Express, CBS Sports + more

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