So, I’m a student of the infamous Amity University. You know the one where *ameer baap ke bache* study.

The fact that I’m in Amity Law School, IPU and not Amity private is an argument for another day (or, just read about it here); for now, I am here to educate you about where to find good food in and around Amity University, Noida campus.

So, here are some places in and around Amity where you can find good food. If you are already aware about these food options, just sit back and think about all the good times you have spent in these places.

And if you don’t, read and add all these places in your *to eat from* list:

good food in and around Amity

good food in and around Amity

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Do you have some places to add to this list?

Let us know in the comments below.

Picture Credits: Google Images

Sources: Trip Advisor, EatTreat, LBB +more

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