Even though this is on hold due to negative backlash, however, the news remains that recently the Government of Haryana announced some new conditions applicable on the income earned by the sportspersons of Haryana who are employed with the state.

The conditions essentially involve a one-third cut of the income earned by them in professional sports and commercial endorsements.

The one-third income is to go to the government for the development of sports in the state.

Given the condition of the limited income earned by the sportspersons in our country (except maybe the cricketers), such a move has received a lot of flak from famous sportspersons of Haryana such as Geeta Phogat.

Let’s have a look at the entire situation and what the sportspersons have to say about it:

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In response to the protests, the order has been suspended for the time being.

Is this move justified?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Sources: Times of India, Indian Express, Economic Times + more

Image Sources: Google Images

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