As a twenty-year-old lady who spends most of her time scrolling through the content on Instagram, there are some handles that I truly treasure. One such handle is @thedelhiwalla run by an Indian blogger, Mayank Austen Soofi.

Mayank Austen Soofi posing with a book he authored

Mayank, a curious being curates all his posts with captions so deep that they make you feel things about Delhi and its people. His posts are intimate and capture the essence of Delhi’s being.

Being a Delhiite myself, I know how fast-paced city life can be but @thedelhiwalla’s posts serve as a gentle reminder to simply pause and observe the learnings that life and this city have to offer.

Below are some of @thedelhiwalla’s Instagram works that capture the capital in its rawest form:

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If these captions and pictures struck a chord with you and made you realize the beauty of the things that often go unnoticed, do check out Mayank’s Instagram handle @thedelhiwalla and his blog.

Sources: @thedelhiwalla‘s Instagram, The New Yorker

Image Credits: @thedelhiwalla’s Instagram

Find The Blogger: @anxioushustler

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