Culinary delights have always been an integral part of us humans. We don’t eat just because it is a physiological process required for the body to function. Rather, it is more of a luxury that we indulge in.

We love tasting food that has the ability to transport us to different places in time – like homemade baked chocolate chip cookies remind us of the lights of Christmas whereas the smell of some old fashioned Bengali food reminds us of the Durga Puja festivities in the air.

Food has a body of its own. It can be a comforting hug on your worst days but also a great friend in case of celebration. And all these major cuisines would not be possible without the brands that sell them.

India has always been a land of cultural amalgamation of various places and has produced some fine spices and spirits that are not only rich and umami in flavour but are also loved globally.

1. Eleftheria Cheese

2. Araku Coffee

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3. Pascati

4. Paul and Mike

5. Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

Safe to say that in the last few years, India has really put herself out there and is a force to reckon with in the culinary industry.

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Sources: CN Traveller, India Today, Hindustan Times

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