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Billboard named them ‘The Breakthrough Band of 2013’ and Rolling Stone magazine called their single “radioactive” the biggest rock hit of the year. They’ve been active for a while now, but the sonic boom of fame hit them with the release of their first debut album, “Night Visions”, in September 2012. They’ve already been on a World Tour and their wings have sheltered millions of music fans panning from across the globe. Yes, I speak – Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is an Alternative rock band, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Lead singer Dan Reynolds, went to Birmingham Young University where he met drummer Andrew Tolman who was his batch mate, and the recruiter of Daniel Wayne who was Tolman’s high school buddy, but soon these members became former and the current members joined the world of Imagine Dragons, and they are:

  • Dan Reynolds – Vocals, Bass drum, Guitar (2008–present)
  • Ben McKee – Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards (2009–present)
  • Wayne “Wing” Sermon – Guitar, Cello, Backing Vocals (2009–present)
  • Dan Platzman – Drums, Viola, Backing Vocals (2011–present)

Their artistic influences cite from Arcade Fire, Muse, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Harry Nisson and also modern bands who made it big like the “Mumford & Sons”. Night Visions: is Imagine Dragons’ debut album that released on September 4th, 2012 through Interscope Records. It hit number 2 on the Billboard top 200 in the United States of America. Their Top Singles are “Radioactive”, “Top of the world” and “Demons”, with their electronic kick into conventional Alt Rock jives, producing music with electronic effects, the album has really set the bar high up in the air, the secret? Well, they made a simple Alternative rock track into a party jive, with the help of electronic tweaks and party patches, which satisfies not just the conventional alt. rock listeners and fans but also for the modern generation who like to grove and bounce at night clubs to the song’s “Sick” Bass and beats pattern. A definite summer anthem of 2013. Reynolds’s wide range of lyrical knowledge also supports the music played by the band and make it a complete package. A small package, which when bursts, they burst like bombs, setting fire to the music industry like they have evidently done. And for the people who haven’t heard them yet, please buzz on a download as you read this line.

With that being said, I present to you a surrealistic party experience: Imagine Dragons.  



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