Finding accommodation in a city far from your hometown can be a tough ordeal. Adjusting with that region’s specific customs and language, and your landowner’s needs become essential. But in Bangalore landowners have apparently upped their screening test for incoming tenants quite a bit.

Some are checking an IIT or an IIM degree and strong LinkedIn profiles as prerequisites for people looking for a house in Bangalore.

Degree Required for Stay

Priyansh Jain was looking for a house to stay in Bangalore when he was flabbergasted by the broker’s absurd conditions. In a Twitter thread he shared screenshots of a chat with an unnamed broker.

He was informed that the owner prefers people with certain backgrounds, and was pressed into revealing his alma mater.

Screenshot of Jain’s chat with the broker

When Jain replied that his college was VIT Vellore, the broker immediately declared him as a bad fit for the house owner. Jain was surprised, as his job at Atlassian, an Australian software company, and his vegetarian diet could not help in securing the house for him.

It seems that some Bangalore residents are not only bothered about one’s food habits, religion, and relationship status but also their professional profile and educational degree.

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Jain asked the broker about what people the owner does accept and found out that the accommodation is reserved for the elite few- graduates from IIM, IIT, or ISB.

The story does not end here, since another broker Jain came in contact with demanded to see his LinkedIn profile. A similar viral post on Twitter shared in 2021 shows that this trend has been growing for some time.


Jain’s bizarre experience prompted a flood of responses from curious Twitter users. Many Bangalore residents empathized with Jain, as they experienced similar encounters with landowners imposing absurd demands. Some mentioned occurrences of such incidents in Hyderabad as well.

Some humorous comments propped up on Jain’s post. One user wrote, “Your parents must have forced you to study hard if you’re in IIT…. No, actually I got into IIT to get this apartment I’ve always wanted”. Another person said he was asked to show his salary slips on a house hunt.

Another user, Mohit Thakur, said, “Peak Bangalore moment. After having Google, JP Morgan in our portfolio, still couldn’t impress the flat owner. Bhai coding contest hi rakh do”. Other people joked that soon one would have to present “leaving certificates” issued by previous landowners.

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