There is so much happening all across the world. At the current moment, we all are under the same crisis i.e. coronavirus. But on the bright side, there are numerous other coronavirus related incidents across India that make us proud and worthy of praise. 

The entire world is praising our PM for the excellent handling of COVID-19.

Delhi has shown extraordinary recovery rates compared to other regions. So far 869 patients have been released from the hospital.

As of 26 April 2020, five Indian regions have been liberated from coronavirus. 

Two Indian regions have less than five coronavirus positive patients.


The state that shares its borders with China, Tibet, West Bengal, Bhutan, and Nepal has zero coronavirus cases and it remains absolutely untouched by COVID-19. This wonder happened on the grounds that Sikkim took necessary precautions well before the government declared a countrywide lockdown. 

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Goa is the first state in the country with no case of coronavirus being reported since April 3. All seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the coastal state fully recovered and tested negative.


After Goa, Manipur was the second state to become coronavirus free. Union Home Ministry applied relaxation in lockdown in both states. Goa and Manipur can resume business activities but under necessary safety protocol.

Arunachal Pradesh

With its first and only case reported on 2nd April, Arunachal Pradesh is now coronavirus free. The lone patient tested negative twice in 24 hours.


Tripura became coronavirus free when the two positive patients tested negative. The health community took precautionary measures since 15th January which helped greatly in curbing coronavirus to a large extent.

These states are an inspiration for other states just as they are for the citizens of India. There are other regions that have been able to contain this virus and have less than 5 positive cases, which indeed gives hope in this hour of crisis.


Mizoram has only one confirmed coronavirus case of a 50-year-old man. The patient in the wake of testing positive is under medical care and is kept in isolation. 


Puducherry had seven confirmed cases among which three are recovered. The union territory does not have any death record from COVID-19.

India has now entered the last week of the 40 days countrywide lockdown for the containment of coronavirus. Various states have presented themselves as incredible examples for the entire country.

As responsible citizens, the most we can do is take encouragement from these examples and practice social distancing and quarantine until coronavirus is wiped off from the entire country.

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