Ah, to be a lady or not to be, that is the question.

We know for a fact that etiquette and good habits rule the table. Actually, the world. What makes a certain class of women a notch above the rest is simply not their strengths of personality but poise too.


Well, it’s all about how you walk the walk, talk the talk, wave, sit, yadda, yadda yadda. All that, and so much. But I think if we had to rewrite the almanac on how to be a perfect lady in this millennial; it should look something like this.

– Hold the door open for men. If holding the door open for women is a sign of a truly chivalrous man, it shouldn’t be less ladylike to return the favor sometimes. More importantly, if they are carrying more shopping bags than you. (Especially when they’re getting out off a car.)

Hold The Door Open

– Dress the way you want to. Don’t worry about a tiny skirt or a bra strap gone wild. As long as you can make it look like a decent million buck, who cares if you are wearing a leather jacket to a wedding?


Drink till you can walk a straight line. But if you like hangover stories of a night in a gutter, then why not help yourself further?

Drink like A lady

– On a date, with a boyfriend or with friends, offer to pay the bill. If not the entire bill, then at least your own share. You don’t owe anyone anything, nobody owes you nothing. Simple.


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Learn how to fight. Physically, verbally, in every way you are required to. Standing up for yourself is indisputably essential. Especially against a man who attacks you.

North Vietnamese soldier, Nguen Thi-Hai, standing guard. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
North Vietnamese soldier, Nguen Thi-Hai, standing guard. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

– Propose. Make plans, implement them. Be a go-getter because we live in a rat race. Ladies get things done, so don’t shy away from initiating anything, be it dinner plans or the first kiss.

– Scream. Be vocal. If you feel the need to raise your voice judiciously in any situation, do it. It’s all about context and timing. And please, know what you are screaming about, nobody likes noisy aunties.


Know how to bake a good cake. While knowing how to prepare a full course meal is a trademark of independence if it came down to one thing on the menu, a cake would save the world. You can win over anything with good cake, even a dead Hitler. Cake is sufficient.

– Most importantly, stop reading this article and make your own rules. Because what makes you a lady is how you define yourself to be.


We are living in a time when it makes little sense to impose any more guidelines for women. It’s time to debunk the myths, break the codes and really live. It’s naive to think that it will be easy, or that empowerment is only elitist. We need to be the change we want to see.

So if you want to redefine how to be a lady, do it your way, do it with passion. The world will be compelled to recognize it!

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