Every year new artists join the bandwagon, and it can get a bit difficult to keep up with all the new additions into the industry.

Music is something that is somehow important to practically every single one of us. Don’t even try to deny that you are not passionate about music.

It is all hogwash and just nonsense. Even if you say that you just like music and are not really that invested into it, just do us all a favour and own your love of music.

Even scientifically it has been proven of how significant of an impact music has on us, be it biologically, psychologically or emotionally. Music has a deep effect on all these areas and it is not for nothing that for all these years music has been a unifying force for many of us.

Coming back to the point at hand, I bring to you the 5 artists that I feel you should not be missing out in 2017 and should give a listen to, even just once:

1. Ritu Agarwal

I have become a frequent visitor to her YouTube Channel and there is seldom a cover of hers that I don’t like. Some of them even surpass the original, which according to what I’ve experienced is not exactly easy to do.

Her vocals, her range, and her attitude all are extremely good and well I believe she is onto big things.

Make sure to check out her channel and as a sample here is something that can give you an idea of how good she sings.

2. Ari Lennox

I was introduced to Lennox by a friend while they had her song Backseat playing on aux and I was just, absolutely and completely mesmerized by her voice.

Quickly I searched her up and already have her songs like Yuengling and Cold Outside, apart from Backseat obviously in my favourites list.

And it’s not just her mind-blowing talent that has earned a spot here but also her video, of which the only one I’ve seen, that is Backseat, but have to say it is one interesting video.

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3. Vidya Vox

An Indian-American YouTuber, Vidya Vox is someone that has really impressed me. Sadly I have not really heard of any new Indian artists that have made their way into the music industry.

But YouTube, on the other hand, seems to be the perfect place for many upcoming Indian whether native or NRI status, artists to show their talent and earn a damn good following.

I would love for a day to come when our music industry just goes ‘who needs Bollywood now?’.

But alas, that still seems a way off. In the meantime, Vidya Vox is steadily climbing the popularity pole and all thanks to her amazing voice and range.

4. Marian Hill:

Down by Marian Hill is perhaps one of those songs that I liked so much I literally listened it on a loop until I practically could not anymore.

Honestly, I can now recite each word with perfect timing (although no talent) and not miss a beat.

Even though the music video is not really that impressive, I mean it is fine but nothing great, the sound and the voice of the artist have that hypnotising quality that truly pull you into a song.


SANAM well would be one artist or band in this case that I have not fully warmed up to, however I absolutely had to include them in after listening to their original song.

They are not bad and I think can bring about a change in our music industry that is so barren most of the time.

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