I know the title might sound really dumb and Buzzfeedy and definitely not something that ‘smart’ people should be talking about.

But the reality is very much that during this time, your feed on any social media platform will be filled with images upon images of friends, co-workers, classmates, and acquaintances living it up in some foreign lanes and exotic locales.

But, hear me out here, I am actually doing this for the good of the society where a lot of young people are suffering from FOMO and peer pressure when they see their friends travelling to beautiful locations with god knows with whose money and feel burdened when they are unable to do so themselves.

People today are posting on social media about getting their perfect ZNMD moment while you like an idiot (myself included) are still trying to get your broken AC repaired.

So, trust me, this is actually a social opinion and not just another dumb listicle. It could also come under the finance section since I’m going to be saving you guys of a lot of money of going to therapists and all to get over the stress and complex that your friends’ wanderlust might cause you.

So here are a few things that you can do and actually have good real fun instead of travelling this summer:

#1. Create And Invent Memes

Watching multiple shows and movies when not travelling will surely result in one good thing and that is you coming across several meme-worthy moments.

You never know when you might find an iconic meme which will go down in history. Imagine having your name on Wiki pages and more as the finder and creator of a particular meme.

Also, making a meme literally takes 5 minutes, so go and binge watch, collect moments, create that meme and post it online.

#2. Long Distance Netflix And Chill

Netflix bingeing can be done over long distance too, where you share your password with your significant other (if you have one) and even if they are at the other end of the world, you both can watch the same show at the same time.

Romantic indeed.

So enjoy a nice evening just binging and ‘Neflix and Chill’ and then just… let nature takes its course (I don’t think I still need to spell out what comes next in this context).

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#3. Take Artsy Photos Of Place Around Your Colony

Who says that you can be a photographer only when you are travelling. The world is your studio my friend, and even your back colony can be a hub of various places to take artsy and deep photos.

So get out your camera if you want to be genuine or get your phone camera, set the filter to ‘black and white’ and go around nooks and crannies taking pictures of anything and everything.

Post the most intellectual look on Instagram with a bunch of hashtags.

Sit back and enjoy the attention. You never know when Natgeo spots the talent in you! :p

#4. Download Musical.ly

Because what other way to show off on your social media of how much fun you are having even without going anywhere than posting random videos made on the viral app Musical.ly wherein you can do everything from lip-syncing to songs, dancing, creating full-length music videos and more.

It can be random fun or you can actually do it with a bit of planning and all where you get together some friends or even do it alone, create a script on what you want to do and do it all in a professional manner.

#5. Get Into An Argument Online

Is there any better way to how well read and knowledgeable you are than by getting into a politically and socially charged argument with someone on Twitter that’s good for nothing?

Because you know, that neither of you will come around to the other’s way of thinking, instead, as it progresses, curses and such language will come out and the initial topic will be entirely forgotten.

And god forbid if it gets a bit of attention, then 3 other people will join, who will eventually start arguing on another tangent only and you will fade away after getting your 2 minutes of fame.

#6. Do An Online Course On Coursera

Doing an online course on coursera.org would perhaps be one of the few actually beneficial points here.

But then, once you are done, don’t forget to show it off on social media with all the newly gained talent and knowledge because that’s what life is all about…likes, comments and shares.

Image Credits: Google Images

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