You know what every Indian mother dreams of?

Burning your goddamn mobile! Facebook and Instagram have not brought you good semester grades, but here’s what you can do to make a name for yourself if you are only good at social media.

Campus Ambassador (CA) internships are offered by several brands, mostly media brands, which see social media presence as their first criteria apart from the fact that you are supposed to be in college while applying.

Letsintern says CA is a student, who gains work with a company as a student liaison, primarily aimed at increasing awareness or brand engagement

Internshala defines a CA program as the means for a company to maintain its brand presence among college/university students.

But I’ll tell you what a Campus Ambassador program actually is, as one myself.

It is a way to give a little shine to your profile, at the same time become famous (kind of) and have fun with new people who are just as good as you are at using social media.

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What Does A Campus Ambassador Do?

If a company aims to build brand awareness, there is no other better option, than through the youth. Hence, CA programs involve college students in digital marketing activities for particular brands.

A company may outsource their CA program management, or may have in-house management of CA programs.

Campus Ambassadors are basically liaisons between the company they are interning for and their own university. But the university hardly has anything to do with the CA programs. It is targeted more towards gaining attention of young college students.

Activities like digital marketing, on-ground promotions and putting up posters in college campuses are some daily activities students perform during their CA program duration.

Here’s What Exactly Happens In A CA Program

Instead of copying what the internet says, I’ll tell you my own experience in a Campus Ambassador Program and how I applied for it.

I was a campus ambassador at VH1 for a duration of about 1 year in the first year of college. Due to good work, I was promoted to be City HR.

I applied through a television advertisement on VH1 regarding Game Changer Campus Ambassador Program. The interview process is simple, it is telephonic.

On a daily basis, digital marketing of shows airing on VH1, award shows, putting up posters of these shows in my college campus, on-ground promotions of particular shows or brand activities of VH1 in some colleges was my work. I even managed the entire Grammy promotions at the BITS campus which included a DJ concert.

Skillset Demanded

It might not seem like a Campus Ambassador program demands too much in terms of skill, but being influential in college, having good communication skills and maintaining a good social media presence also take effort.

So, it depends on how you use the opportunity. If you desire to add a little extra on your resume, or if you are trying to improve being a team player, these internships are for you.

Definitely, this will not be a jolly exercise you would do sitting on a couch. It takes effort. But when efforts are put into it, a campus ambassador program will get you more exposure than you already have.

If you are taking up a campus ambassador just for an internship certificate, that again depends on your discretion.

Before stepping into any such program, it is necessary to research about the company offering the program, skillset needed, hours needed per week and it is absolutely necessary to ask yourself why you want to do it.

So, if your mother is about to burn your phone because you’re on Facebook half the day, Campus Ambassador programs are here to the rescue.

Kindly do not take this as an encouragement to neglect your career building process and studies. This is just an activity which will enhance a lot of skills for you as a college student.

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Sources: Letsintern, Internshala, Inc.

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