August 27: After all, Neha Chopra Tandon is a designer who built a fashion brand offering modern women comfortable yet empowering designs in natural fabrics that simplify busy lives. In an industry in which, by some measures, a truckload of clothes is burnt or buried in a landfill every second, she is trying to be an early pioneer of environmentalism as a core brand value. She has chosen online as well as an offline mode for selling her collection.

Neha has been thinking while designing that people are returning to work after two years of dealing with the pandemic, as well as an emerging food security issue and other social issues affecting public welfare.

However, a fashion brand needs to come up with ideas for clothes, whether fashion-forward or creative pieces; at the same time produce an appropriate, simpler and comfortable wearable collection, said Neha Chopra Tandon while commenting on her latest designs in Mumbai.


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