All of us regularly deal with online shopping websites, and why not?

We easily get lured by the perks of online shopping and I am no different.

I used to indulge in online shopping extensively, choosing trusted websites like Flipkart and Amazon and always bought products of trusted brands, that too after going through the reviews carefully, to be sure about the product quality.

I was a happy customer of Flipkart until Tuesday. 

What Happened?

Recently, my old television set started showing distorted images and poor colours. It caused excessive stress to eyes, and thus, we decided to buy a new television set immediately.

We ordered the MI LED TV A4 PRO so that I can get the best features. Since I have been using MI mobile phones, I trusted the brand and the reviews on the website were also good.

The product got delivered to me on Tuesday, i.e. 17th September 2019 and the installation of the TV was due on 18th of September, i.e. Wednesday. However, despite all my calls and efforts to get a technician to install my TV, the process was postponed to the 19th of September at the very last moment.

To my utter surprise, the company responsible for installation, i.e. Jeeves didn’t respond to my requests for installations even on 19th and when I contacted Flipkart directly, they shifted my date of installation to 23rd September, without even notifying me. 

Also, when any of my family members or I called Flipkart or Jeeves, they cut our calls after putting them on hold for a considerable period of 20-30 minutes. 

Aggrieved by this, I was forced to send a legal notice to the company by the way of an email.

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Did The Issue Get Resolved?

After undergoing immense mental agony and sending a legal notice, finally, a technician was allotted to me. 

I was somewhat relieved thinking that finally, I will get a new television installed and my eyes would be free from the discomfort.

However, to my utter dismay, the technician who came to install the TV was so unskilled that he damaged the TV set.

He said that he cannot do anything and the company officials will take their own time which is not decided and would collect the damaged TV set. After that, a new TV set would be sent and installation will take place thereafter. 

The way customer care executives of both Jeeves and Flipkart dealt with the matter and talked to my family and me is completely unacceptable and the unnecessary delay of every day is causing me great annoyance.

I have made ‘N’ number of calls to Flipkart and Jeeves but all in vain. The replacement of the product will take more time and efforts and God knows how much longer I will have to wait to be able to enjoy the product I duly paid for.

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  1. hey, I bought a 55 Samsung Qled from Flipkart. and the experience is horrible. I understood that it’s unwise to buy expensive stuffs on Flipkart.

  2. Wow…exact same experience. Jeeves and FK executives just do not respond. They are a bunch of crooks/ I am still waiting for my TV installation – Nokia Smart TV


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