The Karnataka National Education Policy (NEP) position papers have been under much media scrutiny for the past few days.

The new NEP 2020 is going to be replacing the old one of 1986 and every state has to submit such papers under 26 headings.

These papers will then be uploaded to the National Council of Education Research and Training’s (NCERT) website. These papers will then be used by the central government to eventually create the National Curriculum Framework and even go towards the state’s individual curriculum.

However, along with the many controversies already there regarding the Karnataka NEP, one of them is their questioning of the

Pythagoras theorem and Newton’s law of gravity. According to reports the position paper for Knowledge of India it states “ …encouraging an attitude of questioning and not merely accepting whatever the textbooks (or print/electronic/social media) say as infallible truth, with a clear foundation of how knowledge generation takes place and how fake news such as Pythagoras theorem, apple falling on Newton’s head etc. are created and propagated.”

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Madan Gopal, the Karnataka NEP task force head, however, spoke about these issues and gave Google and Quora as forms of reference.

When asked about how one of the position papers called Pythagora theorem and Newton theory as ‘fake news’ Gopal states that “If you just go to Quora or Google, there is a lot of debate and discussion and evidence that it was Baudhayana (an ancient Indian mathematician) who propounded this theory which was subsequently adopted by Pythagoras. We have not denounced the theory; nor will its teaching stop. We have only said that the origins are rooted in ancient India. I can send you the entire text from Quora.”

A lot of people mocked the statements of the Karnataka NEP head especially their emphasis on Quora as being one of their sources.

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It definitely is concerning to see that people in charge of education frameworks and curriculum are using Google and Quora as sources that have anyway been confirmed as not being very credible sources of correct information.

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