May 20: So, here’s the good news. Since the beginning of the year 2022, homes worth Rs 12000/- were sold and registered in Hyderabad residential zone spanning Hyderabad city, Medchal-Malkajgiri, Ranga Reddy and Sanga Reddy. As per Knight Frank realty consultancy, around 24,797 properties have been sold in the Hyderabad residential zone thus far in the present year. The realty boom in Hyderabad has been so high that the cumulative value of properties transacted in Hyderabad in April 2022 alone stood at a mighty Rs 2767 crores registering a 10% YoY growth. In fact, Hyderabad was one of the first markets to buck the trend of declining property sales in the post pandemic phase. The city created a trend by evolving as one of the first cities to witness tremendous property sales especially in the housing sector. The ever-expanding infrastructure, proactive government measures and waves of new migrants have triggered demand for real estate in the city of Nawabs. And the trend doesn’t show any signs of receding.

Lion Dr Kiron’s take on the scenario

Lion Dr Kiron is not only of the foremost authorities on the subject of realty but also the head honcho of Suchirindia conglomerate. He is one of the first and very few industry captains to have accurately predicted the revival of Hyderabad’s real estate market. Sharing his unique perspective on the subject, Dr Kiron avers “Defying all the naysayers, I had predicted the time and domain specific revival of the region’s realty sector even before we completely came out of the pandemic. In various interviews and knowledge sharing endeavors, I had declared that Hyderabad was going to be one of the first cities to beat the pandemic induced recession in the realty domain. And as I had forecasted, no sooner the pandemic started easing, the local realty sales started looking up. I analyzed changing customer perceptions and tastes during the pandemic. COVID19 triggered a paradigm shift in consumer behavior as a greater number of people started gravitating towards owning larger, individual spaces like independent homes, villas etc. This trend was and still is more predominant in the middle classes. Add to the new normal replete with social distancing, the high aspirational value the middle-class segment carries and what we have is a major shift in consumer preferences.” He backs his theory by stating certain interesting facts and figures. “Take for example the sales figures of April 2022. More than 50% of the sales were in the Rs 25 lacs-Rs 50 lacs bracket signifying a huge churn in that specific segment. In fact, more than 70% of the sales pertained to home sizes ranging between 1000-2000 sq.ft. On the contrary, the demand for properties below Rs 25 lacs weakened by more than 17%. The trend of middle-class buyers aspiring to upgrade to bigger, better and more premium choices is on the rise. Realty marketers would do well to tap this segment which is teeming with promise” says Dr Kiron.

Tales of Greek – A perfect case in point

Tales of Greek is a premium, game changing housing venture from Suchirindia which translates Dr Kiron’ vision into reality. The high stakes concept is an up-market Greece inspired venture. The HMDA project is centrally located in Satamrai, Hyderabad, and offers absolutely classy and tastefully designed luxury suites and studio apartments at highly affordable prices. Each floor features exclusive, fully loaded business centers. The swanky club house is a definite value add. The project features futuristic technology driven facilities and security systems. It is the first project in Hyderabad to receive the prestigious IGBC Platinum rating in the affordable housing category. Talking about the project, Dr Kiron quips “Tales of Greek is the perfect archetype of a future ready, tech powered venture that redefines realty. The up-market venture is a technology infused, lifestyle enhancing, value for money project which is also eco-friendly. It’s a unique concept where all the floors would be having exclusive business centers, recreation areas, lounges and green spaces in tandem with cutting edge technological connectivity.  I am proud to state that Suchirindia is striving to pioneer futuristic lifestyles by deploying ultra-sophisticated digital infrastructure in every aspect of the project. Brand Suchirindia is unveiling the future in the present!”

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