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How Will Kaabil, Kahaani 2 And Rock On 2 Do Based On Their Trailers: PredictED


So three of the most awaited, well only 2 have a fan base, the other one is yet to see, have come out with the official trailers.

Kahaani 2, Rock On 2 and Kaabil all have released their trailers and with this flurry of some big names and their big movies coming out, it made me reflect on how well can these movies do.

I love to watch movies and believe that the trailer is almost as important as the movie itself.

That is why I absolutely love those trailers that show some kind of effort and creativity and are not just a swirling mess of colours.

The recently launched Guardians of The Galaxy 2 teaser trailer was quite good in that aspect. They touched on all the right nerves of the audience, from the song choice to keeping the screen time limited to just the 5 main characters with whom the audience had bonded with. And even the small clip of conversation between Drax and Peter, which assured that the humour we loved in the 1st one would still be there.

So coming back to the topic at hand, I bring to you my predictions on how well I think these films will do, based on their trailers.

Rock On 2:


Alright, so the trailer was actually good, fast-paced, but not too much, with enough focus on each character and where the story is now after the last one.

Based on the trailer and knowing the capabilities of the actors within the film I believe that Rock On 2 will do at least decently well, if not a hit. The songs I have liked from the ones that they have released and the story too seems good.

Not like just another Rock On with the same plot and with just a 2 stamped on the title.

The characters have changed, their lives have progressed and it will surely be interesting to watch how they came to be about where they are now.

Kahaani 2:


Kahaani was such a superb film that I am almost as apprehensive as excited for the sequel.

The entire essence of the first film was the epic climax which literally was so out of the blue that it left everyone shocked.

Based on the trailer, I really like the fact that the story seems to be different from the first one. Where I think Rock On 2 does well with continuing with the 1st one, I don’t think Kahaani would have fared well if it had tried to do the same.

Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal look good in the trailer, though I don’t where we can find such handsome looking police officers, all of my encounters have been with huge pot-bellied ones with thick moustaches.

Anyways, the story does seem interesting, but I think that I can already figure out what the plot might be.

Which would be a shame, but I also feel that recreating the same shock and left turn twist like the first one would be difficult.

That is why as much as I loved Kahaani, I have to say that I don’t think Kahaani 2 will be able to beat the first one. It still might be successful, but would not fare as well as the first one did.



Ok, so not such a big fan of Hrithik Roshan, the last one I genuinely liked him in was Angeepath and that too since the role itself was so good.

And based on the trailer the first thing that came to mind was…. Daredevil?

Oh man, I laughed so hard. I mean, are they actually seriously trying to copy Daredevil?

Just a desi version with no powers and but instead has perfect dance moves.

I cannot write much on the trailer, since I was laughing through the beginning and the latter part was just shocked at the similarity.

But I believe that Kaabil will probably be a commercial success due to Hrithik’s fan base, but I do not think, at least just from the trailer, that the movie has much else to offer in terms of story and plot.

The blind thing was a good angle, but from the clips I saw, I was not that impressed.

And that was it.

Signing off I would say that, I look forward to all these movies and hope that each of them is a major success, especially Kahaani 2 and Rock On 2, as for Kaabil we will see.

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