It will be launched soon. How can the BLOCKBANK community fund, which attracts a large number of followers, participate in order to maximize returns?

First, everyone must understand what the BLOCKBANK community fund is.

The BLOCKBANK community fund is a set of smart contracts deployed on the TRON network. The so-called smart contract means that the code is completely operated by preset rules, no one can modify it, and it is fair and transparent. This is a new trend, and blockchain also advocates to make everything as fair, transparent and decentralized as possible.

There are two ways to earn wealth in BLOCKBANK.

Investment sector:

Every participant who injects TRC20-USDT into the contract can earn 300%-400% of income according to the rules. As for security, there is no need to worry, because it is a smart contract, no one can steal funds.

If you are lucky enough, you can also earn a huge amount of wealth through large and small prize pools, even if you use $1, you can also enjoy an equal chance of winning. The design of large and small prize pools makes the contract full of vitality.

Promotion section:

Any project needs to be promoted, and BLOCKBANK has designed a rich incentive plan. If you are not a rich man, but you work hard enough to change the status quo through the BLOCKBANK community fund.

We will continue to share the specific rules in the future.

So how does the BLOCKBANK community fund work? Where does the profit we make come from?

The BLOCKBANK community fund relies on mutual assistance from members in the early stage. At the same time, BLOCKBANK will build project influence through community funds, acquire a steady stream of users, and develop ecological applications. In the later period, ecological income will be re-injected and the ecological only token BLO will be re-injected into the contract to provide continuous vitality for the BLOCKBANK community fund.

If you are a blockchain enthusiast, if you miss BTC, it doesn’t matter, BLOCKBANK will provide you with new opportunities.

For more information about BLOCKBANK, please visit, or contact us.



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