With the admission season knocking on the doors, all the CBSE, ISC and other boards students must be working their nerves on how to get their hands on the top DU colleges, such as Hansraj.

Hansraj college offers about 43 courses. The highest cut-offs and the most famous courses in the campus are Economics Honours and B. Com Honours, closely followed by Mathematics Honours.

The other courses such as English Honours, History Honours are reputable, as well as attainable. If your mind is not inclined to any course in particular, and its Hansraj that you’re seeking, then it’s these courses that’ll get you through, even in a not-so-high score.

Hans Raj College First Cut-off 2017-18

The initial cut-offs for B.com Hons were surprisingly higher than those for Economics Hons for the year 2017-18, though this is not usually the trend in Hansraj.

I am a first-year student at Hansraj College, studying BA Economics Honors. When I went through the admission process, I had multiple questions surmounting me. And among the mess, I constantly found myself traveling to and fro the campus in the sweltering heat.


People are usually confused between Economics Honours and B. Com Honours because they fall under the same field. At Hansraj, one can interchange between these, or any other two courses, even after admission.

For a safe choice, many people in quest of Hansraj College get into either of the two courses first (due to the limited number of seats), and later change their course if they change their mind. So you have that choice.

People trying to get admission into Hans Raj in the fourth cut-off list

However, this requires standing in the queues double the number of times it would require if this fiasco is already sorted at home.

Trust me, standing for the entire day in the blistering temperature, waiting for your name to be called out, going through the documents and attachments, it is not a cakewalk.

Usually, at Hansraj and probably all other DU colleges, it takes longer than imagined to get over with the admission process, so it’s always better to carry snacks and beverages every time.


If you’re from General category, this is something that Hansraj and all other colleges offer, and it might just come to your rescue.

Archery, Chess, Basketball, and Badminton are huge in Hansraj college, and so is Music and Dance. There are ECA trials held for sculpture, fine arts, sketching & painting etc.

For more information regarding the same, one is requested to visit the official page of Hansraj college from time to time for notices.

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Many people miss out on the part of the online admission, which clearly tells you what documents would be required along with the admission form.

For those of you who are just like me, forgetful and a little careless, take a step ahead and prepare a file right away containing all the possible documents that could be required, along with photocopies of the same, attested and non-attested by your school and by yourself.

Hans Raj College, the College where Shah Rukh Khan studied

I have seen many of my friends who had scored 96% and above in their boards examinations, who waited in Delhi for days, for the cut-off lists of Hansraj and other respectable colleges to be released one after the other, only to go back to their hometown, disheartened, because the cut off didn’t drop in the subsequent lists, or the seats were already filled.

It is, therefore, a realistic approach to know beforehand, what is the cut off trend of the college that you’re seeking. For Economics Honours and B. Com Honours, the cut-offs at Hansraj are always sloping up.

For the past 5 years or even more now, the cut-offs at Hansraj for Economics honors and B. Com honors have not dropped lower than 95% for the general category.

Lastly, even if you don’t make it to Hansraj, there’s nothing to feel dejected about! There are plenty of undergraduate courses in DU itself that require entrance tests. Keep an eye out!

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