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Political parties attacking each other through Model Code of Conduct (MCC) post the election announcements has almost become a ritual in the country.

However, with the recent round of reports where BJP used “Main Bhi Chowkidar” railway tea cups and Air India boarding passes for its promotion, it is also necessary for a ‘vigilant’ citizen to notice any violation in MCC and report it; provided they are not doing it under the influence of the opposition parties.

To increase the efficiency of lodging complaints and enhance timely responses to these complaints, the Election Commission of India has entrusted flying squads to ensure enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct.

Due to a lack of proper transmission of these complaints through a channel and misuse of MCC by opposition parties to lodge fake complaints using fake evidence, the EC has launched the new cVIGIL app.

The app can be run on any Android device furnished with a camera, an internet connection, and a GPS system. Here is how you can use the app for filing a complaint against the violation of MCC and expenditure without bothering to go to the office:


A citizen can click a picture or record a 2-minute video within 5 minutes of witnessing a case where MCC is being violated.

On uploading the recorded video or picture, the citizen would get a UNIQUE ID to track and follow up any development in the investigation.

Users may also lodge a complaint anonymously after which they would not be able to track the case because their number would not be officially recorded.


Once the complaint has been lodged, it is notified in the District Control Room post from where the information is passed to the field unit.

The field unit consists of Flying Squads, Static Surveillance Team, Reserve team e.t.c. They reach the location by tracking through the GPS tracker of your phone and further take necessary actions.


Once the complaint has been established to be true by the field unit then it further passes on to the National Grievance Portal of Election Commission.

They ensure further appropriate actions are taken against the guilty party or member. The citizen is notified about the actions within 100 minutes.

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Features to prevent misuse of the app

To ensure the credibility of the complaint, the app gives a 5 minutes lapse between uploading the picture or video and filing a complaint.

It does not allow you to upload any pre-recorded video or picture and it does not allow the users to save the pictures in their gallery.

To ensure avoidance of repetition of complaints, the system ensures 5 minutes of delay between successive complaints.

The District Controller has in its powers to drop a repetitive, fake or unrelated case.

This could be your opportunity to scrutinize the atmosphere around you before the elections and take the right decision. Contribution from a responsible citizen can safeguard the essence of democracy in the country.

Sources: Election Commission of India

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