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How to choose a laptop for Students?


Thanks to online classes, laptops are no longer a luxury for students. Rather they are a necessity. While school going students use it mainly for attending classes, college-goers need a laptop for their assignments, classes and projects. So, let us explore the key factors to keep in mind while choosing the best laptop for students.

College requirements:

It is important to check with your educational institution if they have any specific system requirements or recommendations. Some of them might require having Windows-based laptops this way keeping the technical support concentrated on one platform. But it is not required either. Some places don’t care about which OS you use.

You can also note that some schools offer discounts from specific vendors, helping you avoid spending extra money on software bundles or the laptop itself. So it is always a better option to check with your college before making any purchases. 

Size and weight 

When deciding which laptop you should buy, there’s always the consideration of the sizes and weights. Looking for a laptop means that you will carry it around with you. If not every day, then at least every once in a while. So it is necessary to have a laptop that is comfortable to carry. Most people prefer having average-sized laptops that can fit in their backpacks. 

For this, a 13-14-inch screen laptop is the best choice. Also, keep in mind that the smaller the display is, the more scrolling you will need on websites. Fonts will also appear smaller than on larger screens. A full-size keyboard and a comfortable touchpad are also crucial for students who will write essays and research papers. So when you decide on buying a laptop, which has a smaller display than 13 -inch, keep in mind that it will be much harder to type. 

In case you decide to buy a smaller laptop, you can also buy a standalone keyboard for longer typing days. 

Power and storage

Different laptops offer different processors depending on your budget and usage cases. There is a wide variety of choices: starting from the ones that extend the performance and ending with ones that offer a better battery life. If you want to have all-day battery life and spend most of your day browsing the web, you can go with a Chromebook. They are run on low-powered processors but are great for online tasks. 

But if you are looking for something that has better performance for more usage, you might consider buying a laptop with Windows 10 or Mac OS with an Intel Core i5 or i7. The laptops with these processors will give you better and more powerful performance. 

As the demand for cloud storage increases over time, having large local storage is not a necessity. However, your laptop must always meet your needs. So if you plan to have many programs and large data that take a lot of space, you will need 500GB of space, if not more. 

But if your work is done online, you can find one with less space. Just keep in mind that storage affects the speed of the laptop. You can get a laptop with an SSD to have faster performance as they are better than hard drives. 

Battery life

When you have a busy online schedule and have many classes, having a long-lasting battery life is the most important thing for you. Many laptops come with various battery-life options. 

Remember to check the ranks of the battery life when doing your research on a specific laptop. Having a bigger battery means the laptop will be much heavier, but the results you get with it are worth getting. 

If you get a laptop with removable batteries, it is always a good idea to have a second battery, or one with a larger capacity if possible. 

Budget and payment plan

Given the fact that the market offers unlimited options for laptops at various prices, you can certainly find one matching your budget. If you are looking for something with higher specs, performance, and features, you should consider spending a hefty amount of money. And most of the time, if you are not getting a simple Chromebook or small laptops, computers can be too expensive to pay for all at once. 

Many financing plans allow students to get their laptops by paying in a specific extended period. Many retailers, both online and offline offer payment plans too.

Getting yourself a new laptop is always a big decision. Especially for students who need to have a new computer, thorough research and analyzing should be done to avoid unpleasant purchases. Having specific questions in mind like “what I am looking for in the laptop” or “Which spec is more important for my daily usage” is more convenient to find the best option out there. Now you know where to start when buying a laptop for you. Go, get the one that is the best match!



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