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How Steven Kuula Sells a Home Every 27 Hours


As one of Canada’s top realtors, Steven Kuula knows a thing or two about selling houses. With over 20 years of experience, Steven has climbed the ranks to become a RE/MAX Circle of Legends Member, awarded only to those who have completed 10 years of service, earned both RE/MAX Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Awards, and earned at least $10 million in commissions. Today, Steven and his team sell a house every 27 hours. “Being from a small northern community with hundreds of realtors, I’ve used a transparent approach to business focusing on customer satisfaction and creating an experience for my clients to stand out and make a difference,” he explains. “I’ve built a real estate system that trains beginners and turns them into full-service real estate professionals.”

Growing up, Steven always knew he wanted to pursue a career in real estate. “Everyone needs a roof over their head!” he exclaims. “It just seemed like something where you could have fun while helping people at the same time. And that’s the cliche thing you always hear, that I wanted to help people for a living. However, this was truly the case! I would look at these successful businesses and see the strong teams they had built and wanted to create one of my own.”

To that end, Steven set out to build a successful team of real estate professionals. He credits his success to knowing how to hire the right people. And with a full team of salespeople and support staff, Steven’s Ontario-based business has only continued to grow. “Finding the right balance between hiring good people and building a team that can truly have an impact is a challenge,” he notes. “When you start a business, you have to do everything from accounting, to selling, to marketing, all the way to getting your name out there. It’s quite the task! I am big on building a team and hiring the right people who can help you grow, compliment your strengths, and help alleviate your weaknesses.”

From his staff to his clients, Steven believes that people are the lifeline of his business, and he has determined to treat them as such. With these successes under his belt, he plans to continue helping others achieve their goals in the industry. His advice for aspiring real estate professionals? “Your passion gives you purpose and meaning within your life. I would suggest getting around the right mentors whether digitally or in person. Who is doing what you want to do and succeeding? What are some of the roadblocks they faced and what did they do? Who are you surrounding yourself with? How are you investing in yourself?”

Steven also notes that success means much more than accomplishing monetary goals. Instead, he defines success as helping those around you and building a lifestyle that allows you to give back and have fun at the same time. He says, “Of course, you need to get down to business, but if you aren’t having fun while doing so, you will never be fulfilled.”

To learn more about Steven or his business, click here.

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