How Many Times Will BJP Screw Up With Their Shocking Appointments? : A Poster Series

The reign of BJP is only on the rise in the nation. The results of Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly elections gave sleepless nights to not only Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi, but also to the voters themselves.

Who’s BJP going to pick to be the Chief Minister of UP?  Is it going to be Manoj Sinha? Or is it going to be Keshav Prasad Maurya? May be it’s going to be Dinesh Sharma.

And then BJP did what they are excellent in doing at. Dropping in the news, with that remarkable element of surprise.

NEWS FLASH! Yogi Adiyanath to be the next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh!

I cannot tell you how quickly my Facebook wall went berserk over this. Multiple memes and status updates about how shocking this appointment is. I wouldn’t say that I don’t trust BJP’s appointments, since I’m a BJP supporter myself, but I can’t ignore the fact that BJP’s appointments of their cabinet ministers have been astonishingly irrelevant to that of their qualifications.

Here’s a little collection of few of such BJP’s assignments and how unrelated they were to the person they were assigned to:

Although she didn’t last more than 6 months, so there’s that.

Well, somebody needs to do a background check before assigning ministers their posts in the cabinet because I certainly wouldn’t want any singer making decisions about matters concerning heavy industries and public enterprises. I hope you know where I am going with this, PM Modi.

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