By Karanveer Singh

Numerous protests and activism has led to some wonderful reforms in the society. The least, it got us all to talk about the problems our society so desperately needed to address.

Talk about feminism, LGBTQ, adoption, racism, sexism, are now being widely talked about and many people are now aware of them in their daily actions, however, to a certain extent.

The problem I have recognised in a while is, that we, i.e. the “aware” humans, sometimes provide the movements with a sentimental and emotional approach while deviating from the activism itself. Now, I understand many of these fantastic people have devoted whole of their lives in changing this world and taking the responsibility of a cause upon themselves, and I respect them highly for that but in the meanwhile, I have felt that the purpose shifts to taking a negative stand, creating some adverse reactions and another set of ignorant people.

Let us keep an open mind and realise and accept that there are issues with every movement, howsoever big they may be.

Let me start by talking about feminism. I am a proud feminist because I understand it. But here is what I have identified with some personal experiences.

I have, a lot of times, been judged as a sexist even before I have talked to some people. Apparently, a patriarchal woman who is sexist in her guts would almost always be preferred in place of a feminist man, just because it looks empowered.

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I understand that I can’t fathom the daily discrimination women deal with but it is also to be recognised that there are many women who do not even know that they are being subject to discrimination. I believe, to continue the dialogue, let’s not begin this discrimination among our little community of supporters and spread what really matters.

I’ll take this to a lighter example i.e. Dog adoptions. Our desis, our indies, the mixed breed dogs need all the love they can because they deserve it. Dogs had been made a commodity to show off through the breeds being “owned” while the desis have been badly treated. A problem occurs here too, while the dog adoptions groups, NGOs, individuals are, again, doing a wonderful job day and night to protect the dogs, I have, from a personal experience, seen a discrimination towards the foreign breeds.

During the LGBTQ protests, the bisexuals are treated as a privileged part of the community completely ignoring the fact that they are actually standing with the others deprived of their rights.

We are all aware of what people had to go through during apartheid and are still being subjected to. But how is fighting racism with racism okay?

Why is calling out white people on specific things and stereotyping all the light coloured people in the world as “white people” not racism? Why is humiliating a kid because he is white at school not racism? There is a way to correctly follow some steps and not deviate from the essence of it, and this is not that.

These are some of the examples of how our activism leads to some extreme reactions from ourselves that we often become blind to while following one movement.

I am in no way criticising the movements because the examples cited above do not really help the oppressed at all but it is for the intellectuals to revaluate how we go forward with our activism in a non-hypocritical way and a more progressive way.


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