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How Investing In An FD Helped Me After My Retirement?


Like any other average Indian parent, I had very basic financial goals. Keep saving for my child’s studies, marriage and any other unexpected expenditure. Life was going as planned.

After completing his school, my son joined a college in Delhi and then for his masters he went to Pune. Apparently, that’s where he met his love of life though he would like me and his mother to believe that they met through a common friend at work!

I was happy that he had found a suitable girl on his own. My wife was a bit reluctant at first but once we met the girl and her family there were no concerns at all. But a surprisingly unexpected thing happened one day.

My son came up to me and told me that I needn’t worry about the wedding expenses. I suggested that we should share but he was adamant that I don’t even shell out a penny.

My wife, a typical Indian mother, tried explaining to him all the expenses on jewellery, clothes, arranging stays for relatives, etc. but with confidence, he told us that he has got it all covered.

After a long discussion, we reached the conclusion that the only expense that we as a parent would make will be on the jewellery for our daughter-in-law.

Now, the million-dollar question was what do we do with the rest of the amount that I have saved for the wedding? In my son’s words, “it’s simple, invest it!” Only if it was that easy.

I told him that I had retired and I didn’t want to spend my time following the stock market and calculating the risks and the returns. That’s when he suggested me to invest in fixed deposits.

He informed me about the various fixed deposit schemes that IndusInd Bank offers. In fact, I found out that senior citizens get a higher interest rate on fixed deposits.

This also saves me from the risk of market fluctuations, earn a higher interest rate. In short, it was an easy choice to invest in the IndusInd Bank Fixed Deposit Account.

My son got married, after two years, the couple had a baby boy and I became a proud grandfather! Soon, the fixed deposit also matured and we received a handsome amount from the bank.

My son suggested me to buy a car or go on a world tour but cars haven’t been my area of interest and it was next to impossible for me to convince my wife to go on a world tour. Although she demanded me to arrange for a char-dham yatra and just like any other Indian husband I couldn’t refuse her.

So we went for a spiritual trip, which was a bit tiring, to be honest but fulfilling at the same time. And guess what, we saved some amount of money and invested it in another IndusInd Bank’s fixed deposit account. It’s interesting how saving through fixed deposits can make you feel so relaxed.

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