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How Does It Feel To Earn Only 3.5 Lakhs After Completing Engineering From IIT?: QuoraED


By Saumya Tiwari

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Why is earning 3.5 lacs after graduating from an engineering college such a big deal?

The question itself speaks for how much pressure the society puts on IITians to rise and shine.

India is oozing with software engineers. Coaching institutes for engineering examinations are multiplying, so the constant battle to make it to the top institutes has gained momentum.

It is understandable that being a university of that big stature, IIT is no less than a brand today. People therefore expect IITians to earn piles of money, and ultimately people seek IITs for the employment packages. Hence there is no real knowledge students are striving for.

IIT Rourkee and a grim reality
IIT Rourkee

But what if few of them don’t belong to the herd? What if some were happier with less paying, but soul satisfying jobs? Enough of digging the question, lets now dive into the answer.

The writer informs us of some brutal realities of college:

Low CGPA: While there are a few prodigies who dropped out of colleges and became really successful, the rest of the crowd has to conform things as they are structured. Companies use CGPA as a filter in the first round of screening. So testing skills comes later than what one had expected.

‘Not so’ recognized department: Now, this is what should be taken care of while selecting your college stream. There might be few lucky peeps, who get a high paying job in what they’re passionate about. But for rest of them, it’s a war between passion and money in pocket, which begins right when we choose our streams.


In one of the answers, the writer goes on to talk about the phase of dejection. He tells how it feels to grab a golden opportunity and throw it away. Where opportunity lasts for few years, regret lasts forever, and at the same time, how one handles that lasts forever.

No opportunity is ever lost.


No one can bring back those lost days, but what one does from here is what can make a difference.

For example, a person mentions how he wrote CAT and XAT and went ahead to pursue MBA from XLRI.

Other choices for one could have been switching the job, learning recent trends in market and trying to build a life around the market demands for the meantime.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s about making a positive change in your life, not only in terms of money but also the satisfaction it gives you because at the end of the day, your job will be defining to who you are and how you are going to lead your lives.


This is the most prudent part of the answer. After discussing his share of lows, the writer comments how money shouldn’t matter for a fresher. Of course you’re bound to make comparisons, society’s going to ask; but at the end, it’s your perseverance that matters.

Always remember – success is an iceberg, and no matter how you define success, this is what it takes to achieve it.



So whether or not you’re from a level-A college, all you’ve to do is keep improving yourself.

It sure feels sad to not end up to the institution of your dreams, but once you turn it around, it gives double the pleasure. There are umpteen things you can do to turn it around, as suggested by writer – switch jobs, consult your alumni base, etc.

But whatever you do, remember the golden rule – KEEP IMPROVING.

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